10  New Cloud Storage Apps Launched In Google Play Store

Recently many new cloud storage apps have been launched in the google play store, most of these applications are available to download for free. Some applications are being liked by the user very much, and the users have also given good ratings to this app. Not many new features have been given in these cloud storage, but more than some popular cloud storage apps, these apps are better optimized for smartphones.

Millions of new applications are launched every day in the google play store. Some apps are built on unique ideas, but a large number of cloud storage apps are already available in the Google Play Store. So in such a situation, it is a matter of thinking about how the users will use these new apps.

These Are The Names Of 10 New Cloud Storage Apps

Quick Backup & Cloud, Dcloud, Gbccloud, Inclowdz, Tdss Cloud, Notezen, Magbackup, Mars Cloud, Cloud Storage Web3, Cloud Drive-Cloud Storage App. All these apps are currently being used by 500-5000 users. Because in google play store these apps are showing 500+ downloads. However, it takes some time to update the number of downloads of any app in the Google Play Store.

In these new apps, cloud storage is available from 10GB to 1TB, although no app provides cloud storage of such a high amount for free. Because just like popular cloud storage apps, these apps also have paid subscription plans for more storage.

All the apps are of less size which is why it is very easy to install these apps and these apps do not take much storage on smartphones. However, how good the security of these apps is, cannot be estimated at the moment.

That is why until no one does a complete review of these apps, then using these apps can be harmful for smartphones. That is why before installing these new apps, check about their security so that the data remains secure.

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