A Youtuber Told 5 Drawbacks Of The iPhone.

A Youtuber Told 5 Drawbacks Of The iPhone: Recently, the popular YouTuber Gyan Therapy (Rakesh) uploaded a video to its channel, this video was a collaboration video. And in that video he discussed iPhone. Gyan therapy included his friend Arun Pawar in his video. Arun is a popular YouTuber who makes videos about cars. And Arun uses more of iPhone and Apple products. Rakesh tells Arun about the complaints about the iPhone. And told Arun that Android is better than iPhone in 5 cases.

Rakesh told that if these 5 problems are rectified in the iPhone, then the iPhone can become better. And this gives users a better experience. Because people also pay more money for iPhones. So the users should also get the value according to the price. Let’s know what question Rakesh asked Arun,

5 Drawbacks Of The iPhone

Rakesh made the first complaint to the iPhone user i.e. Arun, Why doesn’t Apple provide a Type C cable and charger with the iPhone box? Because type c cable is available in all smartphones nowadays in Android, users do not have any problems related to cable.

Arun replied Arun said that the lightning cable of the iPhone is unique to the iPhone. If someone asks you for a lightning cable, then you will know that he is an iPhone user.

Rakesh told the second problem of the iPhone that Gestures does not work properly in the iPhone. This means that if you want to back in Android, then if you do the back gesture from any side of the screen, then it works but in iPhone, it does not work from all sides.

Arun replied Arun says that when any user uses his smartphone, then his hand is automatically set according to that phone. That’s why it is not a big problem for iPhone users.

Rakesh told the third problem, Rakesh says that after connecting wifi to the phone, it takes more time to come back.

Arun replied that once a user connects to WiFi, he does not want to connect to different places again and again.

Rakesh told the fourth problem, the time of the iPhone is not beneficial for the users. Because it is not easy to transfer his ESIM  to another smartphone.

Arun replied that this is a problem. ESIM is not beneficial for users if the user has to quickly transfer his sim to another smartphone.

What is discussed in the video?

In this video, both YouTubers explained some minor problems happening to iPhone and Android users. And discuss the business model of Apple company. And how other Android smartphone companies copy Apple company, has also been told in this video.


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