American Airlines Warns Of Impending 5g Airline Disruption

American Airlines has warned all airline companies and flights regarding 5G. Because C-band 5G signals can cause a lot of danger to the navigation system and other electronics of flights. It is possible that due to this signal, all the systems of flights may not work properly. Apart from this, 5g can cause problems for flights in bad weather.

Right now not all systems of flights are so advanced that all systems are able to work properly despite the presence of these signals. This can put the passengers of all flights at risk. But is 5G really so dangerous that it can also spoil the navigation of flights? 

5g And Airline Safety

There is no doubt that the 5G network is the fastest. With this, you can download and upload large files in less time. But this 5g can also cause many other damages to us. As American Airlines has scolded about this 5g, we can say that 5g is not very secure for airlines and airlines.

It is possible that in the coming time, the engineers will update all the systems so that this 5G does not cause any harm to the airlines and flights. However, unless there is convincing evidence that 5G is safe for flight navigation systems, 5G cannot be considered safe.

Will 5g Cause Any Harm To Humans?

See, 5g is currently said to be harmful to airlines. It is not so much dangerous for human health. 5G is currently being used in many countries. There is no news coming from anywhere that 5g is being said to be harmful to humans.


Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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