Apple Unintentionally Destroyed Android Smartphones And Users’ Security

Apple company has inadvertently put the security of Android smartphone users at great risk. Although the Apple company is known for making secure smartphones and devices, this time Apple has put Android itself in danger. Actually, in 2004, Apple came out with an audio codec compression technique named ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec).

Apple Lossless Audio Codec is used for audio recording and using this codec, Apple was able to compress the size of the recorded files without reducing the quality of the audio. This technology was also used in Android smartphones and it is currently being heard that there is a vulnerability in this codec. Hackers can take advantage of this and can easily hack any Android smartphone.

Initially, Apple used this technology only in Apple devices, but in about 2011, Apple made this technology open to all operating systems so that all users and smartphone companies can get the benefit from this technology. Since 2011, this technology was used in all Android and other operating systems. This technology is being used in all processors of Mediatek and Qualcomm Snapdragon since 2011.

Most Android smartphones come with Mediatek and Qualcomm processors as both these companies make the best processors. But in all the Android smartphones these processors have been used, all the smartphones are not completely safe at the moment.

However, both Mediatech and Qualcomm have said that these issues will be fixed through updates in the coming time. But still, it is not known how many hackers would have taken advantage of this issue.

Will this issue be fixed after the update?

No guarantee can be given as to how this company will be able to fix this issue because for so long these companies did not even know about this issue. So, how has the company been able to solve such a big problem, it can be known only in the coming time.

This proves that it cannot be said that any technology is 100% secure at the moment, as the technology is improving, so many such security issues are also emerging.

Since 2011, 90% of Android smartphones are not completely secure, so this was causing a loss of security to the users. At present, all the companies have come to know about this, then the companies will definitely take action to fix it so that it can be solved.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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