Chinese Smartphone Maker Gionee Again Copied Apple iPhone

There is such a country in the Chinese world, where you will get a copy of all premium things. Smartphone manufacturer Gionee has again launched the Gionee G3 Pro, copying the Apple company’s iPhone 13 series.

Gionee is a very popular company in China, but in the last few years, Gionee has not been able to improve its smartphone. Gionee’s smartphones sell less due to not updating according to the time of Gionee’s smartphones. But Gionee’s research and development team found it better to copy the Apple company than to do anything else.

The design of this new Gionee G3 Pro series of Gionee is a copy of the Apple iPhone. But Gionee has not been able to copy Apple’s iOS, processor, optimization, etc. Because copying all this is impossible for Gionee.

Why Gionee Is Copying Apple iPhone 13

Gionee is copying the Apple iPhone 13 series so that they can get some hype. Gionee is taking hype from the market by copying Apple instead of making its own products. So that people notice Gionee again and Gionee’s upcoming smartphone gets a good response.

It is not that Gionee is the first smartphone company that is copying Apple. Along with Gionee, other smartphone manufacturer companies also copy Apple. From the design of the smartphone to the marketing strategy, all the smartphone companies copy from Apple.

What Are The Specifications Of Gionee G3 Pro

Gionee G3 Pro has Unisoc T310 Soc, 5 M.P SELFIE CAMERA, 13 M.P Dual Rear Camera. 3500 Mah Battery, 6.26-inch Full HD+ IPS LCD display, etc. will be available. Along with this, you will also get to see the charger in the box which will be a fast charger.

This is a normal smartphone that has been made just to create hype. And this smartphone is currently being launched in China. This smartphone will not be launched in the USA, India, Europe, etc. because it is a copy smartphone.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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