Google Launches New Google Search Console URL Inspection API

To improve the search engine, Google always brings some new updates for its products. On the 31st January 2022, Google has launched this new Google Search Console URL Inspection API. It is being told that this API of Google is going to be the best tool for all the developers.

Google has announced this update through a tweet. All the developers are giving their own opinion below that tweet. Developers seem very excited to use this API. This new Google Search Console URL Inspection API is explained in detail in the Google Search Central blog. If you want to know more about this new API, then you can visit that Google Search Central blog.

Why Developers And Google Need The URL Inspection API

Using this new API of Google, developers will be able to fix any shortcomings of their website, which will benefit both Google and the developer. The developer will be able to find and fix some specific problems occurring in their website using this API, and Google will be able to rank the best website in the search result page using this API.


If you have a website or blog, then you will be able to debug and optimize the pages of your website using this API. Google has also mentioned some limitations of using this API.

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Shahnawaz Hussain
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