Ijustine Is Not Uploading Regular Videos On Youtube, Fans Have To Wait A Long Time

Popular Youtuber Ijustine is not uploading videos every day to its channel. All the subscribers wait a lot for their videos because all the videos of Ijustine are very knowledgeful. Ijustine A tech YouTuber means Ijustine talks about technology, smartphones, gadgets, etc. in her youtube videos.

The reason Ijustine does not upload regular videos to its channel is because of the high quality of Ijustine videos. Ijustine has to do a lot of research to make a video because she is a very popular YouTuber, so she has to make all his videos more interesting and full of knowledge.

iJustine – YouTube

Apart from this, Ijustine makes a lot of experiments and short videos, a lot of resources have to be used in making an experiment video and Ijustine cannot make an experiment video alone, for this Ijustine needs a team, that’s why Ijustine It takes a long time to make an experiment video.

There Is No Official Statement From Ijustine

There is no official statement from Ijustine about not uploading regular videos. Although Ijustine does not upload daily videos even before. Apart from this, Ijustine shares a lot with its subscribers and fans through Instagram, Twitter.

Ijustine keeps sharing very good tips and tricks to users by uploading videos related to technology on short video sharing platforms like Instagram reel, YouTube short, etc. That’s why she has a lot of followers on his social media platforms too. Ijustine’s Instagram account has over 1.6 million followers and the Twitter account has over 1.8 million followers

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