Instagram Users Are Facing Problems, Users Have Given Review

Users using the popular social media platform Instagram are facing a lot of trouble. Most Android smartphone users are finding it difficult to use the Instagram app because according to the users, there are many bugs in the Instagram app.

Instagram app has got a very high 1-star rating in Google Play Store. The reason for this is told by the users in their reviews. It is not that the Instagram app has not got a 5-star rating in Google Play Store. The Instagram app has got a maximum 5-star rating. A lot of users are happy with the Instagram app, that’s why they have also given good reviews to this app with a 5-star rating.

Users Explained Their Problems In Detail

A user named Ps4foxy Plays said this app doesn’t work, when this user tries to go to his main account it says “couldn’t refresh feed” that’s why he created a second account. But that account was locked by Instagram. The user advised Instagram that if Instagram doesn’t fix it soon, the problem will spread to other people’s accounts and they will lose people because of this.

Another Instagram user named Kei New said that this app was working properly till a few days ago. He said it might be an Android thing for other apps and the internet is fine otherwise. Kei New’s Instagram account doesn’t load images, other than that there’s no real customer service for this app, according to him. And according to him, other Instagram users have been facing similar problems. Kei thinks he can stop using the Instagram app because of these Instagram problems. Kei said it was a shame that Facebook bought a great app and ruined it.

A businessman named Jeffery Kristof told that He runs Instagram social media accounts for a business and there is a bug in the Instagram app. Because of this bug where posts hang in infinite processing mode. According to the user, Instagram has been aware of this bug since at least October / November 2021. And according to Jeffery Kristof, this problem is also in the Facebook app. Nothing has been done by the official of the Instagram app to solve this problem. And Jeffery Kristof has to delete the Instagram app every day and recover the accounts to solve the issue, only for posting.

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Shahnawaz Hussain
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