MrBeast Uploaded A New Video After 1 Month.

MrBeast was not uploading videos on his YouTube channel for some time now. This was reported by our blog. But on 30 January 2022 Mrbeast uploaded a new video which has been viewed more than 24 million times within 1 day.

The reason for getting so many views in this new video of MrBeast is the concept of this video. This video has been made by the team of MrBeast after a lot of planning. The title of this video is the world’s most dangerous escape room. This video is based on a room.

What’s Interesting In This New Video By MrBeast 

A dangerous room is shown in this new video from MrBeast. In which MrBeast plays a game with some of his friends. Some levels have been given to do this game. Whoever crosses these levels will be given a reward of 100000 dollars. This video is very interesting, that’s why you should enjoy watching this full video. The link to this video is given below or you can search MrBeast on YouTube to see it.

This video is getting a very good response from the subscriber. The video also garnered over 1.6 million likes with over 24 million views in a single day. Keeping in mind the likes and views, it turns out that this video is quite interesting.

Is MrBeast New Video Beneficial for You

Yes, MrBeast’s new video can be beneficial for you if you like watching such experimental videos. If you have always loved playing games and doing something unique then you must watch this video. 

This video was made for entertainment purposes only. That’s why you can entertain yourself by watching this video. Apart from this, you will not get to see anything special from this video. All the videos of MrBeast are experimental, that’s why you will get more knowledge from those videos. 

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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