What Is It That Makes The NFL So Popular In America?

What Is It That Makes The NFL So Popular In America?: America loves the NFL and there are a lot of reasons why that’s true. The biggest reason of all might be the fact that the game itself is incredibly exciting. The players are fast, strong, and talented and it’s hard not to be caught up in all of the excitement they bring to the field every week! From there, however, there are even more reasons that the NFL has become so popular in America and with American sports fans in general. Here are some of those reasons and why they’re contributing factors to football’s popularity!

A sport for all ages

One of the reasons that NFL football is so popular in America is because it’s a sport for all ages. If you’re into fantasy football, which millions of Americans are, then there are fantasy leagues available for any age from grade school to adulthood. And watching a game on television can be educational for kids—having children explain what a down or field goal is can teach them about teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as math. At its core, though, I think it comes down to one simple thing: people love competition and they love to root for their home team. Going to an NFL game isn’t just a leisure activity; it’s something you do with friends and family members that can bring your whole community together.

Accessibility to players

Fans are regularly able to reach out to their favorite players via social media and feel as though they know them on a more personal level. This helps fans feel like they’re close to the game even if they’re miles away from it. Seeing that their favorite player liked or retweeted something is enough for some fans to get excited about a specific team or player, which builds brand loyalty that keeps people watching and buying jerseys. (Via Forbes)

Exciting games

There are many reasons why fans love football. Some watch for their favorite teams, some to catch all of their favorite players in action, and others just because it’s fun. But for most Americans, it’s because football has become a family tradition. Long before your favorite players were on TV, your dad was yelling at his TV screen and complaining about bad calls by officials while you sat on his lap. For millions of Americans, watching football is an integral part of Thanksgiving dinner or weekend get-togethers with friends and family. After all that turkey and football, you feel sleepy and warm next to your brother on a sofa or floor – as long as he doesn’t steal your chips or take away the remote control!


What makes it so popular in America is that it’s been around for so long. Football is a sport that has been played for a long time. There are even records of early football games being played by colleges in England as far back as 1611. These college students are thought to have created some of football’s rules and styles, even if most have changed over time. Today there are three major American leagues: The National Football League (NFL), Arena Football League (AFL), and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Many fans who don’t care much about other sports watch these NFL and NCAA games because they find them interesting, while others watch just to cheer on their local team or college team.

Players are relatable

Professional football players are about as far from their fans in life experience as it gets. They can bench-press 400 pounds and run 40 yards in 4.3 seconds, while most fans are stuck pushing grocery carts and driving to work. There’s a reason only a handful of players make it to that level—they represent superhuman physical ability. But unlike other professional athletes, they are relatable; most played college ball, which is accessible to even more people through things like NCAA March Madness brackets.

Very competitive players have no off-season

One major reason why football is so popular in America is that, unlike other sports like basketball or soccer, NFL players do not take an off-season. Football players are on a perpetual grind of getting bigger and faster for their next season. This means that every week during football season, players are training hard to make themselves stronger and faster than they were last year. This constant training keeps fans excited because they know they will see some explosive plays throughout each game.

Tv coverage is top-notch

Some of us may not like football, but few can deny that it’s incredibly popular. A major factor behind its success is TV coverage; each game attracts tens of millions of viewers who are more than happy to devote an entire afternoon to a ball game. And with millions tuning in, advertisers are willing to pay big bucks for commercial time. All of these dollars add up to a lot of money flowing into the sport—and even more people tuning in next week!

Local vs. National

The main reason that football is so popular in America is because it’s a very local and intimate sport. Unlike most other sports, football games take place at just one time in a given region and many times at just one stadium on a given day. This means that your team and its players are much more accessible to you as an individual.

Superbowl Sunday tradition (and more!)

The Super Bowl has become a yearly tradition for many in America. Some say it’s just another day of football and commercials, but for others it is an annual celebration of food, friends, and family. No matter what makes your Super Bowl special, here are some fun ways to enjoy one of American’s favorite days of football.

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