Kristen Shilton: Colorado clearly knows how to beat Tampa Bay: play fast, create opportunities early, and be quick in breakout details.

Anything less, and Lightning finds ways to push back and capitalize. The avalanche dominated through the neutral zone at the start of the series.

It hasn't happened recently. And Colorado isn't producing as fast as it used to.

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The Avalanche produced their best performance in the third period and overtime in games since the 7-0 wall they delivered in Game 2.

If Colorado intends to go home with the Stanley Cup after Game 6, it will have to go back on the attack.

There's no point in being afraid to make mistakes at this point, which Avalanche was concerned about for much of Game 5.

Tampa Bay has been down in three of its four series. Colorado needs to display more desperation at their game to excel in the clutch facing Lightning Group

The killer instinct he has to channel in Game 6 was at the forefront of his early-of-series performance.

Colorado has excelled on the road in these playoffs, going 7-1 through four series.