Developer Michael Gapinsky released a clever solution that allows Tesla's electric vehicles to run Apple CarPlay on their infotainment systems.

Tesla Android Project, the program aims to provide CarPlay capabilities to Tesla electric cars using the Raspberry Pi.

An update for a clever workaround has now been released by the developer, this update provides 100% functional CarPlay integration for any Tesla.

Following this update, Tesla Android Project now supports DRM video playback so apps like Netflix should work

Tesla Smartphone

Plus an orientation lock so that apps like Apple Music automatically launch in landscape mode

Gapinsky's Apple CarPlay works for Tesla using a Raspberry Pi with an LTE modem and Wi-Fi access point.

Tesla's in-car browser is then used to connect to the Raspberry Pi and display the Apple CarPlay interface on the displays.

Apple Music should work normally after update, controls for features will be possible via Tesla's steering wheel buttons