Microsoft Xbox is selling more than Sony PlayStation since the last catch time, due to the improvement made by Microsoft to Xbox

But PlayStation is beating Xbox for these 3 reasons

1. better gaming experience
2. availability
3. Popularity

There is no doubt that both the gaming consoles give excellent gaming performance, yet much better gaming can be done on PlayStation.

PlayStation's popularity is much higher than Xbox One all over the world, that's why whenever someone goes to buy a console, his first choice is PlayStation.

Availability is the main reason why Sony PlayStation stock is mostly available, so people can buy it whenever they want.

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You'll have to spend $399 to buy Sony's PS4 Pro to experience 4K gaming, while $499 for the Xbox One X.

However, you can enjoy a better 4k gaming experience by paying $100 extra for a Microsoft Xbox instead of a Sony PlayStation

If your main concern when choosing between Sony and Microsoft, then the PlayStation is the machine for you.

But whether Microsoft is able to beat Sony PlayStation in the Xbox gaming console market or not, will be seen in the coming time.