Tesla’s Upcoming Smartphone Is Going To Beat Apple iPhones

Elon musk’s electric car manufacturer Tesla will launch a new smartphone in the coming time. It is being told that this smartphone will be the most advanced smartphone ever. All the things of Tesla company are unique, similarly, this smartphone will also come with unique features.

This smartphone will be made the most premium so that users can get a premium smartphone. Apart from the premium build, it will also get premium advanced features.

How Much Will Tesla’s Upcoming Smartphone Cost?

Tesla’s upcoming smartphone model pi is going to cost around $500 – 1500. Because it is going to be an advanced smartphone. For which Tesla has done a lot of research. So its price will not be kept low. The price of this upcoming smartphone of Tesla can be almost similar to the price of the iPhone. Because iPhone is also a premium smartphone.

But if you have bought an iPhone this year, then you probably don’t need to upgrade to this Tesla smartphone. Because iPhones are still the best smartphone. If You Have the Budget, You Must Upgrade to the Upcoming Tesla Summerphone.

What Is Going To Be Seen In Tesla’s Upcoming Smartphone?

In this upcoming smartphone of Tesla, we can get to see advanced features such as the brain-control feature of the Samarfone. Also, Tesla will give such a chip in this smartphone, so that you will be able to use the Internet and calls in the smartphone without a SIM card. Because this smartphone will always be connected to the satellite of Tesla’s SpaceX.

You can use a fast internet connection from any corner of the world from this smartphone. If you travel a lot then this smartphone is going to be the best for you. Also, this smartphone will be made with a different operating system. And this new operating system will be made by Tesla itself. And in this operating system App Store will be given separately and all-important apps will be available to download in this App Store.

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