The Future Of The Internet Is About To Be Very Interesting

When the Internet was started, the name of the Internet was Web 1 and now we are using Web 3 i.e. the 3rd generation of the Internet. Web 1 i.e. in the first generation of the Internet, there were only a few basic websites on the Internet, which were made by big companies or organizations. And this process was very long and costly. 

But in web 2 i.e. 2nd generation of internet, the internet has become very much improved and in this, any person could easily make anything on the internet. He could explore anything on the Internet

But websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. had a lot of power in web 2 i.e. 2nd generation of the internet because youtube can delete all videos from youtube in minutes, and can bring anyone up or down.

How Many Advantages Did The Second Generation Internet Bring To The People?

The second-generation internet made the daily life of people much easier. Because Web 2 i.e. the 2nd generation of the Internet gave people popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., by using these popular social media platforms, people became famous on the Internet along with making new friends.

Talented people who were not known before, those people got a new identity in the world because of the internet. Along with this, many online businesses were also started in Web 2, a lot of technology companies and start-ups were started, due to all those companies and startups, a lot of jobs were generated. Due to which unemployed people got employment.

Why Web 3.0 Is The Best?

In Web 3.0, we will be able to buy virtually all the things we are seeing in reality, such as houses, hotels, toys, cars, etc. on the Internet. In the 3rd generation of the Internet, you will be able to buy and sell goods in virtual reality. Using virtual reality, we can talk to anyone. In any game, we can go inside and feel it. It’s not like we’ll be able to really go inside the game.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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