These 2 cloud storages are the most beneficial to use in 2022

Most of us use cloud storage. If you have not used cloud storage yet, then you must definitely use cloud storage once. Because cloud storage is a very good storage service. We often keep the data of our smartphones and computers on the SD card or hard drive. 

But cloud storage is such storage that we can use remotely. By uploading our data once in any cloud storage, we can access it for our whole life with the help of the internet. And the biggest advantage of cloud storage is that our data is never deleted or corrupted.

By using the same sd card and hard drive, our data gets spoiled after some time. That is why we should change hard drives and sd cards from time to time so that our data remains safe.

Which 2 cloud storage services will provide the best service in 2022?

In 2022, we get to see a lot of cloud storage service providers in the market. But we should not use it all. Because not all cloud storage service providers are secure. Not all providers give much importance to the data of their customers.

In 2022, we should use Google’s Google Cloud Storage Service and Microsoft’s One Drive Cloud Storage Service. Because these two companies are very valuable companies and the world’s largest tech company. Google and Microsoft give a lot of importance to the security of the users. Due to which Google and Microsoft have become the most successful tech company in the world.

Why Use Google Cloud Storage Service?

You should use Google’s cloud storage service because it is the most secure cloud storage. Google has no shortage of data servers, due to which all your data is always secure in Google’s data servers. Also, Google cloud storage is also cheaper as compared to other cloud storage. In this, you get 15 GB cloud storage for free and also get 300$ credits for the free trial in google cloud. You will also get better customer support from Google.

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Why Use Microsoft’s One Drive  Cloud Storage Service?

Microsoft’s One Drive cloud storage service is the best option for all Windows users. One Drive is more optimized for Windows. In One Drive, you get 5GB of free cloud storage, which is very little for a computer. All Windows users will find one drive easy to use. It is not that this one drive is not unavoidable for those using the Android or iOS operating systems. You can use One Drive in any operating system.

Which cloud storage should we use?

If you are a smartphone user then you should use Google’s cloud storage service. Because it is easy to use Google Cloud on a smartphone and Google Drive is pre-installed in Android. But if you are a Windows user then you should use Microsoft One Drive. Microsoft One Drive comes pre-installed in Windows.

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