User Bought iPhone Online But Got Soap At The Time Of Delivery

A guy in United Kindom had ordered the iPhone 13 Pro Max online, but when he got his iPhone’s delivery, the iPhone box had a soap instead of the iPhone. After that, the man shared it on social media and informed the people about this online fraud with him.

The user had paid his money at the time of ordering the phone on the online site. Because maybe they were getting some discount on iPhone online. Apart from this, many people in India had ordered a smartphone of some series of iPhone and he also got a coin and a soap in the box of the iPhone.

Apart from this, many such cases are being seen in which it is being told that the user is being given sanitizer and a sticker instead of an iPhone.

Using Which Online Sites Did The User Order The iPhone?

From which online shopping sites this guy from the United Kingdom had ordered the iPhone, no information has come yet. But the people of India had ordered the iPhone from Amazon and Flipkart. Flipkart is a popular online shopping site in India and Flipkart sells more smartphones than Amazon.

There is no fault of online shopping sites in this fraud happening online, the delivery boy working in these shopping sites or any middle person takes out the right goods from the box and gives some other product.

But if online shopping sites make their rules better and more difficult, then these online frauds can go to the line. So that there is never any fraud with the user and their money is also not wasted.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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