What Happens To Cloud Storage Data After 1 Year

Everyone wants to use cloud storage but no one knows exactly what happens to their data after 1 year. Is all the data safe in cloud storage even after 1 year or does the cloud storage provider delete or remove your data after 1 year? The biggest disadvantage of using most of the free cloud storage is that your data gets protection only for 1 year.

We are saying this because even a popular cloud storage provider like Degoo cloud gives an opportunity to use 100Gb free plan for 1 year only. If the user does not access the Degoo cloud account for 1 year, then the Degoo team deletes the user’s data from the cloud storage.

Apart from this, most of the cloud storage providers delete the user’s data after 1 year if the user remains inactive. But, there is no risk of data deletion in popular cloud storage like Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive.

What Happens To The Data Of Those Who Buy Cloud Storage?

If a user buys a monthly or annual subscription from cloud storage services, then the user’s data remains safe. Cloud storage provider gives a lot of importance to premium users’ data. Some cloud storage providers also provide some extra security features to the premium user, so that the user is satisfied with their service.

To buy a subscription to premium cloud storage, you should do a little research so that you get both more security and more storage at a lower cost. Because a lot of cloud storage will be expensive. And even the cloud storage available at a much lower cost is not considered very secure.

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