What Is Youtube Vanced And Why Did Youtube Ban It?

Youtube Vanced is an app for Android that helps to watch all the videos of YouTube without ads. This app gives an ad-free experience to the users. Youtube Vanced is not available for iPhones. Because ios do not allow these apps. 

Android users were enjoying this app to the fullest. But now this app has been permanently terminated by YouTube. YouTube and Google are suffering a lot due to this app. As you know YouTube is a product of Google. That is why if there is any loss to YouTube, then Google has to bear this loss.

It is impossible to download and install such third-party apps in ios, due to which ios users are not able to use these amazing apps. Despite the end of YouTube vanced in Android, there are many methods using which users can watch YouTube without ADS.

Reasons For Youtube Vanced Being Banned

The first reason why Youtube Vanced is banned is YouTube Premium. Because YouTube helps premium users to watch ad-free videos. But users have to pay money to use youtube premium. In such a situation, by using YouTube Vanced, users can get an ad-free experience without paying any money.

Another reason why Youtube Vanced is banned is more features. Apart from being ad-free, YouTube Vanced also gets a lot of premium features like background playback, sponsor ads block, auto-repeat, etc. for free. But YouTube gives all these features to the users through premium subscription.

No vanced user is happy with this decision of YouTube, but YouTube is going to benefit a lot from it. After all, YouTube is a company, that’s why they have to take such a decision to make their business profit.

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