WhatsApp Needs This Very Important Security Feature Right Now

The world’s most popular chatting app is WhatsApp, which is why it is very important to have all the necessary security features on WhatsApp. This security feature is also available in WhatsApp’s competitor Telegram. People believe that Telegram provides better security than WhatsApp.

Actually, who can see the profile picture on WhatsApp, there is no option to show or hide manually selected contacts. Which is a very important security feature. But even in 2022, this feature is not available on WhatsApp.

But this feature is already available in WhatsApp’s biggest competitor Telegram app. A lot of rumors have come so far that this feature will soon be available in WhatsApp as well but till March 2022, there has been no update in which this feature is added.

Official Information About This Security Feature Of WhatsApp

At present, official information has not been revealed about this security feature of WhatsApp, but rumors are being heard about this feature for a long time. Meta has added many security and other features to WhatsApp in the recent past.

So from this, it can also be guessed that this security feature may soon be available in WhatsApp. But there is no information about when this feature will be available on WhatsApp.

This feature may not be important for all WhatsApp users, but it can be a very important feature for young people. From the point of view of security, this feature must be available on WhatsApp.

Ever since Meta bought WhatsApp, there has been a lot of controversy about the security of WhatsApp, so Meta must be careful in adding these small features so that the user can trust the security of WhatsApp.

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