Why Google And Microsoft Don’t Offer Unlimited Cloud Storage For Free

You get to use 15GB of cloud storage for free in Google Drive and 5GB of free cloud storage in Microsoft One Drive. But do you know why such big companies like Google and Microsoft do not provide unlimited cloud storage for free? But there are some small companies that provide up to 1TB of cloud storage for free.

You use a hard drive or SSD to store your data, but your data is not completely secure in SSD and hard drive. If ever your SSD or hard drive gets damaged then you will not be able to recover all your data. But your data gets a lot more security in cloud storage, your data is never damaged in cloud storage.

Why Don’t We Get Unlimited Cloud Storage For Free?

If any company is providing you with cloud storage, then the company has to spend a lot to store your data. Because to keep your data always safe, the company has to open big data centers, apart from this, the company has to improve its security system to keep the data safe on the internet.

To maintain the data, the company has to keep enough employees and they also have to pay salaries. In all these works, the company has to spend a lot, so companies like Google and Microsoft do not provide cloud storage for free. 

In addition, Google and Microsoft’s cloud storage is the most secure, their cloud storage is end-to-end encrypted. No one can access your data except you, even if they are employees of Google and Microsoft. Google and Microsoft charge you money to keep your data secure in cloud storage and you must use their cloud storage.

How Can A Small Company Provide 1TB Of Cloud Storage For Free?

There are many apps in the Google Play Store, in which you get up to 1TB of cloud storage for free. But how an app gives you so much cloud storage for free. It is not that people do not use those apps, by using these apps a lot of people are using up to 1TB of cloud storage for free.

But for your information, let us tell you that these apps are not very secure for your private data. These apps first give you more storage for free and after that slowly start charging you money. The security system of these apps is very weak in comparison to big tech companies like Google and Microsoft. Any h*cker can steal your data from these apps.

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