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Blogger Says That Youtube Shorts Will Harm Youtube’s Future

Youtube Shorts Will Harm Youtube's Future

YouTube recently launched youtube shorts to compete with TikTok but is youtube shorts able to beat tik tok. Because Tik Tok has a lot of users, it is not that YouTube lacks users. YouTube has billions of users and YouTube has also launched YouTube Short Fund, under which YouTube will give some money to YouTube short creators.

YouTube is promoting short a lot at the moment because short videos are going to be the future. People do not have time to watch videos throughout the day, that’s why people like to watch short videos. But YouTube is being harmed by short videos, says a blogger.

What Did The Blogger Tell About The Youtube Short?

The blogger told that after the launch of youtube shorts, people like to watch youtube shorts more than youtube videos. Because watching short videos do not take much time and people also get entertained quickly. If people watch videos on YouTube, then both YouTube and video creators get the money made from ads.

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But as people are giving interested in watching short videos, the money they get from ads is decreasing. Because ads are not visible in short videos. This is harming both YouTube and video creators. Because both YouTube and the creator get the income from Ads.

Also, the blogger told you in the video that people may not watch long videos in the coming time. He will make a dedicated video about this in the coming time, he said in his video,

Why Is Youtube Giving Importance To Shorts Videos?

YouTube is giving importance to short videos because people watch more short videos nowadays. People use Tik Tok, Instagram Reel, etc. a lot. Because everyone wants to be famous soon, in today’s time and in all these apps, it does not take much effort to make short videos. Also, YouTube is giving importance to short so that YouTube can remain in the No 1 position even in short video platforms.

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming platform, so no other short video app can let YouTube lag behind YouTube. Also, Google and YouTube do not cause security issues to the user, but Tik Tok is a Chinese app and it is banned in many countries.



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