Youtuber Explains How Apple Airtags Are Being Misused

A Popular YouTuber Technical Dost has told in one of his latest videos how the Apple AirTag is being misused. YouTuber explained the features, benefits, and disadvantages of the Apple tag. Because Apple’s tag is being used a lot these days and most of the tags are being used for spying.

Youtuber told that using this device the wife is tracking her husband and the husband is tracking his wife which is a wrong thing. Thieves are stealing the vehicle by installing this tracking device in any vehicle. This device is being used for many more wrong things. 

YouTuber reported that there have been a lot of police complaints about spying on people using the Apple tag. Like all Apple products, Apple Tag is a very good tracking device, using it is much easier for iPhone users.

Youtuber Tells Everyone How To Protect Yourself From Apple AirTag Tracking

Youtuber told that if you think that someone is tracking you with an Apple tag or any other tracking device, then you can find out and complain to the police. YouTuber recommends that Android users download the Tracking Detector app from the Google Play Store to locate the device, and Apple iPhone users should use the Apple find my device feature.

Video Credit: Technical Dost

YouTube has explained in its video all the steps to locate these devices using the Tracker Detector app on Android smartphones and the Find My Device app on iPhones. You can watch this video to know more about it.

Will Apple Discontinue The Airtag Device?

No, Apple will not shut down the Airtag device, because whatever wrongdoing people are doing using Apple Airtag, it is not the fault of the Apple company. Because Apple made AirTag so that people can use it to find their stuff anywhere and protect it from being stolen.

The accuracy of the Apple airtag is much better than other tracking devices. This air tag device has got the advantage of the Apple ecosystem because it is much easier to use the Apple airtag in the iPhone. It is not easy to use this device with Android or other operating systems.

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