Youtuber Explains Some Of The Problems With iPhone And Android Smartphones

Popular Tech Youtuber Techburner has briefly explained some of the problems faced by iPhone and Android smartphones. All these problems can be very troublesome for smartphone users.

Techbrunner has mentioned some of the problems in Apple iPhone and other Android smartphones that the user may face in daily life using these phones.

youtube explained that the iPhone also gets a big notch in 2022 does not have a USB type c option and also does not connect to Bluetooth, does not connect with google tv, Chromecast, that much premium Despite being a smartphone, there is no gaming mode in the phone, there is no gaming trigger, the charging adapter will be very expensive, as well as the user does not get many options in Apple’s smartphone, Apple launches only 4 iPhones in a year That too with 4 to 5 colors.

TechBurner Shorts – YouTube

Along with this, YouTube says that Apple’s iPhones rarely see major changes, Apple removed the charger from the phone, removed the headphone jack. Apart from this, there are many smartwatches, smart devices that cannot be connected with Apple’s iPhone.

According to YouTuber, the biggest problem with the iPhone is that it is very difficult to transfer data by connecting the iPhone to any Windows laptop or computer.

What Youtuber Said About Android Smartphones

Youtuber said about Android smartphones that a lot of ads are shown on Android smartphones. Along with this, a lot of malware comes in preinstalled apps. Due to more customization options in Android, the user finds it difficult to understand the settings of Android smartphones

Apps crash in many Android smartphones, updates come too late in Android smartphones. The problem of battery drain, overheating problem comes in many Android smartphones. Apart from this, Android smartphones can be connected to Windows laptops or computers, but there is no system that can easily connect to Android.

Apart from this, YouTube told that there is definitely a problem with Android and iPhone, but it is also fun to use them.

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