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Youtuber Found A Secret Button In Apple iPhone

Youtuber Found A Secret Button In Apple iPhone
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A popular YouTuber got to know about a secret button when using his Apple iPhone. And he’s having a lot of fun using that button. The YouTuber talked about this button with his subscribers by uploading a YouTube short video to his channel.

The YouTuber said that he came to know about this button from an article. That secret button in the phone is in the back, as well as the YouTuber also told how the user can use this button to do some small work on his phone.

Along with this, the YouTuber has also told about how to use this button. To use this button, you have to go to Settings, then click on the Accessibility option. After that click on the option of Touch and click on the option of Back Tap at the bottom. Click on the Double Tap or Triple Tap option. After that click on whatever action you want to do using this back button.

Apna College

Youtuber is currently using this back button to take a screenshot. Because she always has to take screenshots of many important things, due to which her time was wasted a lot. But by using this back button, she can take screenshots quickly.

Youtuber Told About iPhone And Other Devices

Apart from the iPhone’s secret back button, YouTuber told us that we should keep exploring such secret settings and features in our iPhone and other devices. So that we have all the information about our device and by using those features, we can make our life a little easier.

And Youtuber has also given this advice to its subscribers that how those people should explore all the things in their life so that they always get something new to learn and use.  



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