Facebook Group Vs Facebook Page Which Is Better In 2022

Facebook Group Vs Facebook Page Which Is Better In 2021
Facebook Group Vs Facebook Page Which Is Better In 2021


Facebook Group Vs Facebook Page Which Is Better In 2021: Facebook is one of the most used social media applications in the world. That’s why Facebook groups and Facebook pages are also very popular among all users.

Many of you use both Facebook pages and groups, but maybe you do not know the proper use of them.

OK. No problem. I am going to give you all the information about the Facebook group and page through this post.


Topics covered in this post:


  1. Why you should use Facebook Groups and Pages.
  2. Is a Facebook page the same as a group?
  3. Difference between Facebook group and Facebook page.
  4. Which is better according to different users.
  5. Pros and cons.
  6. Related questions.
  7. Which one is better for you?

Why you should use Facebook Groups and Pages.

Even if you are an Influencer, Digital Marketer, YouTuber, or a normal Facebook user, you should still use both of them because by using them you can increase your reach.


Apart from this, you can grow your business. You can create a permanent audience of your own. With this, you can also earn money by selling affiliate products or other products.

Is A Facebook Page The Same As A Group.

Both Facebook pages and groups are different and the usage of both is also different. But both are the same in case of some feature or adding an audience. 

Difference between Facebook group and Facebook page.

Difference between Facebook Groups and Pages: Groups are mostly used by people to chat with their friends or family. But Facebook pages are mostly used by businesses or influencers to attract new customers. 

You can earn money directly from Facebook pages with the help of Facebook ads. You can promote more products from the page, which will also increase your earnings. But you cannot directly monetize groups with the help of ads.

Which Is Better According To Different Users.

People of different interests use Facebook. That’s why we need to know which people a Facebook page or group is best for.


We have told here only for people of 3 categories. If you want to know about any other category then you can comment on us.


1.Facebook group vs Facebook page for business.


Facebook groups and pages prove to be beneficial for business. Because you can make a good customer base in Facebook, apart from this you can give your business reach to more people with the help of Facebook Ad.


You can improve your products by talking directly with your customers and taking feedback on your product from them.


2.Facebook group vs Facebook page for influencers


Influencer Talk to your fans or your followers openly to keep them impressed. so that your fans can interact with you more. 

That’s why you should use both a Facebook page and a Facebook group. Use the page to reach new people and with the help of groups, you can talk with your fans.

3.Facebook group vs Facebook page for general users.

If you are a normal Facebook user then you can use whatever you want. 

Pros And Cons Of Facebook Group Vs Facebook Page

Facebook Groups Pros:

  1. You can take only those people who you want in your group.
  2. Family-friendly.
  3. Private chat.
  4. Better for the audience.

Facebook Groups Cons:

  1. Not reaching too many people.
  2. There is no primitive possibility of Facebook groups becoming popular.
  3. Cannot share video content with more people.
  4. There is not much facility to earn money.

Facebook Page Pros:

  1. More likely to go viral.
  2. New people or new customers can find you quickly.
  3. Best for video content.
  4. You can monetize your Facebook page with Facebook ads.

Facebook Page cons:

  1. You won’t be able to talk to anyone secretly.
  2. Anyone can spam your page.

Which one is better for you?

If you are running a business or an Influencer, YouTube then you should use both. Both have different uses and both have different benefits too.


I would recommend you to use both of them so that you get benefits from both sides. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about Facebook Groups vs Facebook Pages

Is a Facebook page or group better?

Both are best in their place. You can use whatever you like.

Can I convert a Facebook page to a group?

No. You can’t convert your Facebook page into a group.


Can I join a Facebook group like myself and a page?

Yes. But in order to join some groups, the admin of the group may ask you some questions.

Can a Facebook page and group have the same name?


You can also create a Facebook group and create a page with the same name. But only one group or one page can be created on one name.

Why are Facebook groups better than pages?

With the help of the Facebook group, you can connect with your friends or family and talk together. That’s why the Facebook group is better than a Facebook page.

Why are Facebook pages better than groups?

There is more chance of Facebook pages becoming popular and apart from this you can earn money by monetizing your page from Facebook, that’s why the Facebook page is better than the Facebook group.

Can I run a Facebook page without an account?

No. You need to have an account to create a Facebook page.

Can anyone post on a Facebook page?

All the people who follow your Facebook page can only post on it.

Which type of Facebook Page should I create?

You should create a Facebook page according to your interest so that you can give maximum content to your audience.

How do I monetize my Facebook group?

You can use affiliate marketing or products to monetize your Facebook group.

Should I create a business or community page on Facebook?

Yes. If you want to increase your business then you must create a page on Facebook.

What are Facebook Groups good for?

Facebook group is good to connect with your friend or family.


Facebook Group Vs Facebook Page Which Is Better In 2021: The Final Conclusion

There are a lot of social media apps in 2021 but Facebook is still the best in its place. Facebook is used the most. Most young people use Facebook, due to which if you have any business then you will get more customers through Facebook.


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