Home news Jio Air Fiber Can Ruin Local Broadband Providers

Jio Air Fiber Can Ruin Local Broadband Providers

Jio Air Fiber Can Ruin Local Broadband Providers
Jio Air Fiber wireless internet

After the success of JioFiber, Jio will launch a new wireless device, which will destroy the local internet providers in your area. Because in this device you will get speeds up to 2gbps without any fiber connection. 

People using broadband internet from local internet providers may switch to JioAirFiber as soon as this device is launched because more speed and unlimited data will be available in this device at a lower price.

And being a wireless device, using this device will be very easy and practical. Since it is a portable device, you can take this device with you wherever you go. However, this device will work only when it gets electricity because there is no battery in it.

JioAirFiber Launch Date 

Jio already launched this device in its last Jio AGM but now this device is in the testing stage currently only a few Jio employees are using this device. They are testing this device how this device performs in daily life and different network coverage area.

At present, it can be guessed that when 5G coverage will come all over India, then this device will be available to the public. Basically, this device will provide you with fiber-like speed by using a 5G network.

Because 5G internet is 20 times faster than 4G, so this device will take advantage of it and will give you a chance to use high-speed internet in any corner of India.



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