Best Website To Get Freelance Writing Jobs in 2022

Best Website To Get Freelance Writing Jobs in 2021
 Best Website To Get Freelance Writing Jobs in  2021


Are you a freelance writer and looking for a good freelance writing job? Okay. Today I am going to tell you about some such websites.


Using which you can get freelance writing jobs and earn up to 5000-10000 dollars every month.


We have researched all the websites mentioned in this list very well so that we can give you the right information.


So why am I recommending these websites to you?


Nowadays most people are more interested in work-from-home freelance writing jobs instead of 9 to 5 jobs, due to which the business of many such companies has increased and their revenue is in billions of dollars.


By looking at those websites we have researched which website is the best. What are the pros and cons of these websites? 


So that you can get the complete guide and after reading this post you can decide which website is best for you.


First of all, let me tell you what is a freelancing job?


So freelance is a new age career in which you can work for an employee on a project basis. The employee does not hire you permanently.


But in some projects, you can be hired part-time or even for a long time.

What are the benefits of a freelance writing job?


The advantage of freelance writing jobs is that you will get a higher salary than a simple writing job.  And you can do it anytime from anywhere.  


You don’t need to go anywhere for this.  If you work somewhere and want to do freelance writing for extra income, then this is the best for you.


If you have a lot of knowledge in your mind and you want to convey it to people through writing, then freelance writing will help you in taking your knowledge to people.


Now let us talk about those websites with the help of which you can get freelance writing jobs.

  1. Problogger


ProBlogger is the most popular platform among freelance writers.  With the help of which you can get a good freelance writing job.


  • Get High Paying Genuine Clients

The reason this website is the best is that here you get genuine clients and high-paying jobs. Because here every client has to pay about $ 70 to get a job listing.


This company pays to get the job listing done, This means that they will want genuine clients just like you.


  • High Selection Chance As Small Companies/Individuals Job Post


Most of the jobs listed here are done by small companies or bloggers. And those people need some content writers who are a newbie or medium-level content writers.


So here your chances of getting selected for the job increases.

How To Get Job From Problogger


To get a freelance working job through ProBlogger, you have to go to the official website of ProBlogger and create your account on it, after that you have to find the related job on any topic of your interest and apply for the job.

  1. Freelance Writing

As its name suggests, Freelance Writing. This website is made only for freelance writers. This website helps freelance writers to get the right valuable job.

  • Only Freelance Content Writing Requirements Are Posted 

Only jobs related to content writing, editing, copywriting and proofreading are posted here. If you have good knowledge of any of these topics, then you can get a job using this website.


  • Most Clients Pay On Hourly Basis 


This means that more than half of all the clients you will find here will pay on an hourly basis. Here you will get a job from $ 20 per hour to $ 50 per hour or more. 

How To Get Job From Freelance Writer 


To get a job from here, you have to first find jobs from the official website of the Freelance Writer. 


And then to apply for the jobs, you can apply from the official website of the clints or contact the clients from their contact information

  1. Outsourcely 

This is also a very good website to find jobs for contact writers. To get a job from this website you should know how to write good content. It is not necessary, but the chances of getting a good job are more for good contact writers here.


  • Create A Profile To Find Jobs


To find a job here, you must first create your profile. At the time of creating the profile, you have to give a lot of information like your skills, education, work experience, etc. 


  • Hard For Beginners


If you know how to write good content and you have more work experience then you will not have any problem finding a job here. But if you are just learning to write content, then this website is not for you.


But if you want to check what kind of job you get on this website, then you can check this website.

How To Get Job From Outsourcely


Like I have already told you here you have to create a profile and after that, You will get to see all the jobs after clicking on New Jobs Listed option. 


And here you will get to see all types of Freelance Jobs and all will be written Full Time, Part Time, or Freelance, etc.


You will see salary, position, posted, expiring on all the posts found here.

  1. Writing Creek

This is also a good website for freelance writers. Here you will get a job like a student life.

  • Find Academic Content Writing Jobs

Here you get jobs like academic contact writing, science writing, report writing, S.A writing, assignment writing, etc.

  • 4-Step Application Process To Get Writing Opportunities

To find a job on this website, you have to go through a 4 step process. This is called a Simple Application Process. Through this process, you are tested in 4 steps. 


  • Skill Survey
  • Qualification Test
  • Sample Essay
  • ID Verification


If you pass these 4 steps then only you will get a job here. 

How To Get Job From Writing Creek


First, you need to complete your profile. And after that, if you get selected then you will be given login details. After that, you will get a lot of assignments.


 In which you have to complete an assignment and submit it. If you complete all this you will be given different assignments for which you will be paid $4-12 per page.


For more information visit their official website

  1. Who Pays Writers


You do not get a job on this website, but here you get to see a lot of lists, in which all the publications are paid to the writer.


Here you can find job listings of most magazines or other companies, from which you get a good job. If your post gets selected for a big magazine, then after that you can charge more money from companies.

  • Easy To Find High Paying Jobs

Yes. It is very easy to find high-paying content writing jobs here. Here you will get to see some such jobs which pay up to 1 dollar for 1 word.


  • Get A Job Through Direct Publication


Yes, from here you can find out which publication or company is giving jobs to the writers and by contacting them, you can easily get the job.

How To Get Job From Who Pays Writers


First, you have to figure out what topic you want to write a post on, and after that, you have to contact the publication so that they can hire you.

How do I start freelance writing with no experience?


If you do not have any experience and still want to learn freelance writing then you have to practice writing content daily. If possible, you can take a course from someone so that you can get the right guidance.


To learn good content writing, you have to start writing according to your interest. If you start writing on the things you like, you will know what and how to write. and you will enjoy writing


Is freelance writing a good career?


Yes. If you learn content writing and get a good job, then freelance writing is a good career. Because in freelance writing, you do not need to go anywhere or you need to work under someone’s pressure.


Here you get more salary than a simple job

Here are some frequently asked question about freelance writing jobs

How do freelance writers get work?


Freelance writers create their profile on all websites, they apply for all companies that post for jobs. And they get such jobs.

How do I get into freelance writing?


To get freelance writing jobs, you must have good writing skills. 

How do freelance writers get paid?


Freelance writers write content for multiple companies or bloggers. And companies or bloggers have to pay for content writers to create content.

How much should I charge for a 500-word article?


You should charge up to $10-20 for a 500-word article.

How much should I charge for a 1000 word article?

You should charge up to $10-20 for a 500-word article.

How much should I charge for a 2000 word article?


You should charge up to $30-50 for a 1000 word article

How many pages are in 2000 words?


A 2000 word article will have 6 to 10 pages.

How many pages are in 1000 words?


A 1000 word article will have 2 to 5  pages.

How much should I charge per word?


You should charge up to $ 0.03 to $  0.05 per word

How many pages are 50000 words?


A 5000-word article will have 12 to 18  pages.

Can you write a 10-page paper in one day?


Yes. you can write.

Best Website to get Freelance Writing Jobs in  2021: The Final Conclusion


Freelance writing is a great opportunity for you to share your writing skills and knowledge with the world.


If you love to write or you want to make a career in writing, then freelance writing is the best for you.


You can get a good freelance writing job on all the websites mentioned in this post. 


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