The Best Way to Get Help with File Explorer in Windows 10/11/8

The Best Way to Get Help with File Explorer in Windows  10/11/8: Do you need help with File Explorer. So this post will solve all your problems. Read this post carefully and follow all the steps. In any version of Windows, whether it is Windows 8, 10, or 11, you may encounter problems at some point in all File Explorer.


This is not a major problem that cannot be solved. All the problems of Windows can be solved, although you will not be able to solve all the problems by yourself, the developer of Windows can fix those problems in a few minutes.


Get Help with File Explorer in Windows
 Get Help with File Explorer in Windows



Ways to Get Help with File Explorer in Windows


To get help in File Explorer in any version of Windows, you need to follow the steps given below-


  1. Use Get Help App


Microsoft Get Help App is a support service, with the help of this you can find the solution to any small problem. In this app, Microsoft has used AI Assistance which will give you a solution according to your problem. 


Keep in mind that GetHelp App is an AI Assistance, that’s why you should not talk to him like a human in that app. You just describe your problem and the assistance will give you the right solution. 


  1. Use Microsoft Support website 


Another right way to get help in Microsoft File Explorer is through Microsoft’s official support website. With the help of this website, you can get the solution to any problem. You can easily find the answer to any question on the support website. You have been given all kinds of information on the official support website by Microsoft Official.


  1. Use Forums 


A lot of forums are present on the internet today. In all these forums you will find thousands of Windows users. You can share your problem with all those Windows users. If any Windows user has had this problem before, then the user will definitely help you.


  1. Use Social Media Pages And Accounts


Microsoft also has its official account and help account on all social media platforms. So you can tell your problem to Microsoft’s official by messaging in those accounts. So that you can get a better solution.


Where Is File Explorer On My Computer


File Explorer is a desktop app in Windows. You can find that app in the Windows app drawer and use it too. In File Explorer, you can access all the files of Windows. This app is absolutely free and available in all Windows versions.


File Explorer is preinstalled in all versions of Windows. File Explorer is an application of the Windows system itself, so it is used all the time. With the help of File Explorer, you will be able to access all the photos, videos, files, games, etc. stored in Windows.


How To Open File Explorer


It is very easy to open File Explorer in Windows. You can open File Explorer by following the simple steps given below.


  1. Click in window button
  2. Click on the Search button
  3. Type file explorer
  4. Click on File Explorer Icon



Note that you can also access File Explorer by pressing the shortcut key Windows + E.


Some of the frequently asked questions about The Best Way to Get Help with File Explorer in Windows 10/11/8


How do I make file explorer like a pro?


To use File Explorer-like a pro, you have to customize all the folders and files. To customize you should change the logo and icon. It is very easy to change the icon in any Windows operating system.


How do I get File Explorer to show all files?


If all files are being hidden in your Windows File Explorer, then first open any one disc, then click on the option of view and untick on the option of hidden items. After that, you will be able to see all the files and you will also be able to access those files.


Why is my explorer not working in Windows 10?


If File Explorer is not working properly in Windows 10, then you should restart your Windows. If it is not working properly even after restarting, then you should give your Windows some time to load because the speed of the hard drive installed in your Windows may be slow.


Is File Explorer safe?


File Explorer is absolutely safe. Because this app is preinstalled in your Windows by the official of Windows. And without File Explorer, you cannot access any file in your Windows.


The Best Way to Get Help with File Explorer in Windows 10/11/8: The Final



Through this post, we have given you some information about getting help in

File Explorer and File Explorer. So that you will not face any problem in using

Windows. Let us know if you got any help through this post or not by commenting

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