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How To Create Google Form In 2022 – Sr Tech Know


How To Create Google Form In 2021: Google Form is a very good and useful service from Google. Which is used a lot these days. Because by using it, the university and office use it to take the attendance of their employees and students.


Many websites or services use this Google form to collect contact details, personal information, etc. of their users. Because by using it it is very easy to take all these details. If you are having any problems using Google Form or want to know how to use Google Form, then read this post carefully.


How To Create Google Form In 2021
 How To Create Google Form In 2021


How To Use Google Forms On Smartphone/Laptop


You will need a smartphone or laptop to use Google Forms. You can use it better on a laptop or desktop than on a smartphone.


Because you will not be able to use Google Forms very well on mobile. Still, if you want to use it from your smartphone, then you can use it by opening desktop mode in any browser.


To use Google Forms you have to follow these steps-


  1. Search Google forms on any browser
  2. Click on google forms official website 
  3. Select the category of your google form 
  4. And save it 


You already get some designs here, in which you get contact information, RSVP, party invite, t-shirt sign up, event registration, etc. If you want to select any of these designs, then you can. But if you want to make a customized design by yourself then you should select the black option.


How To Create Google Form With Blank Page 


After selecting the blank page, you will have to make all the designs yourself. That is why you should learn all things carefully so that there is no mistake from you. If any mistake happens to you even by mistake, then a lot of your time can be wasted.


  1. Click on the blank option
  2. Select questions option 
  3. Give a title and description
  4. Select + option 
  5. Add question


If you want to make a simple questions and answers form, then use the process given above. 


How To Customize Google Form


But if you want to add some more features to this form, then follow the steps given below-


  1. Click On The Image And Video Icon From The Side Menu. ( If You Want To Add Video And Images On Your Google Form.
  2. Select Section Icon If You Want To Add Multiple Sections Of Your Form.
  3. Enable Required Button By Clicking On The Questions  (If You Want Your Users To Answer All Questions On Google Forms.)
  4. Tap On Customize Theme Option
  5. Choose An Interesting Image For The Header.
  6. Select Theme And Background Color 
  7. Select Font Style 
  8. And Click On The Save Option



Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About How To Create Google Form In 2021


Does Google Forms Have An App?


No, you can use Google Forms only from the official website of Google Forms. There is no application of google form for android or ios.


Can You Create Google Forms Without Google Account?


No, you cannot access Google Forms without a Google Account. You will not be able to access any of Google’s services without a Google account. Google security is very strong, that’s why you should open a Google account.


Is Google Forms App Safe?


Yes. Like all Google products, Google Forms is also very secure. You can use Google Forms and all Google products with ease. Google uses a lot of security layers for the security of its users.


Why Is There Not A Google Forms App?


Google Forms cannot be used very well as an app. Maybe that’s why Google hasn’t launched an app for Google Forms yet. If Google launches a form app in the future then we will definitely share it with you.


How Do I Create A Free Google Form?


Google Forms is free for all users. You can use it for free. Google Forms Tool, despite being free, is still an amazing tool. You must use it for any project you have.


How To Create Google Form In 2021: The Final Conclusion


Google Forms is very easy to use like all Google products. Also, all the features of this tool are very beneficial for you. If you are a teacher and you want to take the attendance of your students then you can use google form.


Also, you can use it for different work. Using this, you can get a review of your product from your customers.




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