How To Delete TextNow Account From Smartphone/Computer

How To Delete TextNow Account From Smartphone/Computer
How To Delete TextNow Account From Smartphone/Computer



How To Delete Text Now Account From Smartphone/Computer: Do you want to delete your TextNow account but TextNow account cannot be deleted, it is said by TextNow officially that due to some security issue textnow does not allow to delete its users account permanently.


But what is the security reason that TextNow does not allow its user to delete the account? So let’s talk openly about this matter together. Because maybe you do not know why TextNow does not allow the user to delete his account.


There is an option to delete the account on all platforms, but what is the problem with deleting the account from TextNow. Today we will talk about this.


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Why Can’t Delete TextNow Account?


Textnow app or services are used all over the world. Many of them use it right and some people use it wrongly. textnow does not give the user a chance to delete the account so that if someone misuses the number or service of textnow then official action can be taken on him.


That is why TextNow does not even allow the user to delete his account and also does not give a chance to change the account information. With the help of This textnow enhances the security of the users. And you stop wrong deeds on the platform.


How To Delete TextNow Free Account


In TextNow, you cannot delete any free or paid account to which you have subscribed. If you are thinking that you will delete your data by simply logging out without deleting the account, you are wrong. However, after you log out, TextNow will not send you any messages or notifications.


TestNow provides service to you both free or paid. You get more features along with better service in paid subscription than in a free one. Which will benefit you more.


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How To Remove Email From Textnow Account


If you add an email in the text box, then you cannot remove that email ID. Because TextNowonly gives the option to change the username. Apart from this, you cannot remove any contact details from there.


How To Change Username On Textnow


If you want to change your username on textnow, you open textnow and click on settings. After that click on the Accounts option. Now you add your first name and last name.

You have to enter your full name in the username, you can’t just add your first name.

How To Delete Messages On Textnow


To delete messages from textnow, you have to log in to textnow, after that, you have to open the chat of any message you want to delete. And tap on any message you want to delete and click on the delete option. This will delete your message.

Or if you want to completely delete the conversations done with any number, open the chat, click on the 3 dots above the right side, and click on Delete Conversation.


Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About How To Delete TextNow Account


I Traded Phones With Someone And My Textnow Account Was Still Onnit How Do I Get Them To Not Use My App Without Deleting My Account?


If you sell your smartphone to someone in which your textnow account is installed, then you tell him to log out of your account or uninstall the textnow app.


I Want To Know Where Is My Textnow Account Is Mysteriously Got Deleted From My Phone?


Your account is never deleted from textnow. However, due to technical problems, your account may get deleted. If you cannot find your textnow account, you can contact the office of textnow.


If Someone With Text Now Changes Their Number Or Delete The Account And You Text That Number Will You Know It Didn’t Go Through.


Any number can be deleted on textnow, that’s why if you message someone on textnow number and the user has already deleted that number then they will not get your message.


How Do I Unsubscribe From Textnow?


To subscribe to TestNow you have to wait till your plan ends. If you do not repay after the end of the plan, then you will be unsubscribed.


Can TextNow be traced back to your phone?


No TextNow does not trace you.


What happens when you uninstall TextNow?


Textnow does not send you any notification after uninstalling the textnow app. If someone calls or messages you in textnow then you will not be able to receive it.


Can A Textnow Number Be Traced?


No, None of the textnow numbers can be traced. Although the official can get your number information.


How To Delete TextNow Account From Smartphone/Computer: The Final Conclusion


Textnow is a very good service, it is used by many people. It is easy to use, however you cannot delete the account or change the account information in it.

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