How To Increase Cloud Storage

Here are 4 methods you can follow if you want to increase your cloud storage. Because these 4 methods are the most effective ways to increase storage. We have tried all of the methods and all of them are real.

There are many cloud storage apps available in the market, however not all apps are secure for your data. Whenever you use any cloud storage, first of all, research how secure it is. So that your private data is not sold to third-party companies.

1. Buy Premium Plans

The cloud storage that you are currently using will give you more space, but for this, you will have to subscribe to one of the premium plans. This method is the most popular. This method is the easiest to use because you have to buy only one premium plan and get more storage instantly.

There are many different types of premium plans offered by cloud storage providers, so invest only in plans that provide the most storage at the lowest price. If you are confused about which is the best cloud storage according to your need, then read the article given below.

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2. Use Free Alternatives

If you want to increase cloud storage for free then this method is best for you. At present, many companies provide cloud storage services, and all the companies give 5-100GB of cloud storage for free to the customer to experience their service. You can use the cloud storage of all these companies for free.

For this, you have to download cloud storage applications like degoo cloud storage, mega, ice drive, etc., and create your account in all of them. Although some limitation comes with the account for free, you can use it without any problem.

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3. Clean Up Storage

By deleting useless data from your cloud storage account, you can also keep the storage clean and store more important data. Although this method will not add extra storage to your account, the amount of storage you are getting in your existing plans will remain even after cleaning the data.

Although this method will not add extra storage to your account, the amount of storage you are getting in your existing plans will remain even after cleaning the data. To clean the data from cloud storage, first of all, you have to check all the data once and delete all the useless data from the storage.

4. Create A Second Account

If you are using any free cloud storage and want to increase the storage then you can create a different account then you will get extra storage in your other account. However, there will be no storage increase in your existing account. The company provides you with only a limited amount of cloud storage for free.

It is perfectly safe to use multiple accounts of a single cloud storage service on a single device. The data of any of your accounts will not be deleted or corrupted, but you will get more storage.


Is it safe to use multiple cloud storage accounts?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use multiple cloud storage accounts at the same time, but make sure to log in to all the accounts at least once every month so that your account data is not deleted due to inactivity

Do I Really Need Cloud Storage?

If the internal storage of your device is less then you can use cloud storage, apart from this there are many advantages of using cloud storage, cloud storage is a better storage solution. Use it is beneficial for you

I Need More Storage Android Don’t Have Sd Slot Is There Anyway To Increase Storage Without Cloud Services?

If you don’t have an SD card slot in your Android then you can use an external hard drive in addition to cloud storage. It is easy to use your external ssd and hard drive on your smartphone. Although its price is very high compared to sd cards.


These 4 methods are the best to increase cloud storage. Use whichever method you like and use as much cloud storage as possible. But keep in mind that keep all the important data in your primary account only. Because even if you are not able to access all your accounts, all your important data will be safe in your primary account.

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