Why Doesn’t Google Launch An Alternative App To Instagram?

Why Doesn’t Google Launch An Alternative App To Instagram?: Friends, do you know how much user base Google has. You can’t even imagine how many users come to Google every day. But even after this, why Google does not launch any of the popular alternative apps like Instagram. Although Google has a free alternative to all the apps and services.

Does Google have a failure rate or does Google not want to compete with Instagram and Facebook? What is the reason due to which we are not getting to see any alternative app of Instagram from Google to date?

google instagram alternative
Google Instagram Alternative

Why Instagram Is So Popular

As we all know that most young people use Instagram. Instagram is very popular among all boys and girls. A few years ago, when Instagram was not popular, everyone used to use Facebook more. But as the use of Instagram started becoming more, then all the young people started preferring to use Instagram more than Facebook. Because the features of Instagram were more and the chances of becoming popular in Instagram were also high.

It is very easy to use Instagram and people could easily make friends with unknown people on Instagram, although they could also do on Facebook but Instagram was more easy and good in all these features.

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Why Do We Need An Alternative To Instagram From Google?

When everyone got bored with Facebook, then everyone wanted to use Instagram. Because Instagram was the new app and all the celebrities use it. Similarly, people have been using Instagram for a long time now and according to the time, some people may be getting bored in using Instagram.

The more important thing is that since Instagram has been bought by Facebook, the security of users in Instagram has already been reduced. Because Facebook is always getting infamous in terms of security.

Google gives utmost importance to the security of the users, that is why Google is so successful. And keeping in mind the security of all the young people, Google should definitely launch an Instagram alternative. If Google launches an alternative app for Instagram, then we have full hope that the app will create a lot of user base in a very short time.

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