Canva Has Announced About Canva Create Virtual Event

Canva has announced its Canva Create virtual event, this event is scheduled to take place on September 14. Sanwa has given information about this event on its website. The event will last for two days and there will be 3 streams in two days. Lots of leading speaker streams will teach everyone how to achieve their goal with Canva.

Canva has given details about which speakers will be present at this event on their website. Apart from that, a timer has also been installed so that everyone can set reminders for these events. In these 2 days, Canva will provide various types of training to all the Designers, which will help the Designers to grow their careers. However, only canva pro users are going to get more benefits from this event.

To navigate this packed schedule of canva, they have picked some of the most awaited sessions:1) Lessons Learned Building Canva, 2) Using Canva Pro for Designers, and 3) Creating powerful change campaigns to inspire action. However, about these 3 topic, canva has told them in detail on its website.

Canva’s CEO, COO, CPO, etc. will also be present in this Create Event of canva. Canva’s foundation and its vision will also be discussed at this event. And maybe Canva might launch some of its products at this event as well.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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