Youtuber Has Openly Told His Viewers Not To Use Google Chrome

Due to some vulnerability coming every day, a tech YouTuber has advised its viewers not to use Google Chrome. He said that if a user does not have any news about these Vulnerabilities of Google Chrome, then they will not know when to update the app so that their personal data remains secure.

Despite being a Google product, it is a worrying thing to have so many weaknesses in the Chrome browser. Because Google is the largest tech company in the world and people trust Google’s security a lot. That’s why without any encryption available in Google Drive, users still use it.

Video By Technical Sagar

YouTuber has advised its viewers to use the most secure browser out of all the alternatives of Chrome browser so that everyone’s data is safe. Because due to the vulnerability of the Google Chrome browser, personal data can also be hacked along with the user’s device.

Youtuber reported that he has already made a video about the 10 most secure web browsers. According to him, the user will get the best security from these 10 browsers. Many viewers have also reported that they do not trust the Google Chrome browser like before. Because every day some bug appears in Google Chrome.

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