Degoo Cloud Storage Review #1 Best Secure And Free Cloud Storage.

Degoo Cloud Storage Review


Degoo Cloud Storage Review



Degoo Cloud Storage Review #1 Best secure and free cloud storage: So welcome you all to our blog. Do you know whether your cloud storage is safe or not? Is your data can be seen by cloud storage providers without telling you? 
If you have any doubts regarding cloud storage encryption. Then don’t worry, here I will talk about the safest cloud storage and also a free 100 GB cloud storage. 
This is an app called degoo. Which provides you safe cloud storage with 100 GB free storage. So today we will discuss the information of the Degoo Cloud storage app. 
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Degoo cloud storage review

Degoo is a very popular cloud storage solution for millions of people. So why is it so popular? Well, because of its security. The safety of this cloud storage solution makes it so popular. Also,
Degoo gives free 100 GB of cloud storage for everyone so if you are looking for free cloud storage then you will read the full article. We can give you the whole information about these online cloud storage solutions.
And Degoo gives you a watch and earn storage feature where you earn 750 MB of free cloud storage in every single ad watch. And its limit is 500 GB. So you also earn free storage by watching advertisements.
If you see other cloud storage apps then you know there is no option to earn storage by watching advertisement features in any other app. So overall it’s very good if you are looking for free cloud storage.
Degoo doesn’t reduce the picture and video quality so you don’t worry about it. If you share your files with someone then they will be protected with end-to-end encryption and you can share unlimited file size with your friends or someone.

How do you get 100 GB of free cloud storage?

when you download the Degoo app and sign in then immediately receive this 100 GB of free cloud storage. Degoo gives you 100 GB of cloud storage free for a lifetime. If you are looking for 100 free cloud storage for your private data then this is a good choice for you.

Is Degoo cloud storage safe?

So it’s a big YES to your question. Degoo is very safe and secure for your private data. I don’t think you can worry about their safety because no one can give you two layers of security except Degoo. 
In Degoo 100 gb Cloud Storage you get these features



Degoo premium cloud storage review

So if you are looking for Premium cloud storage that gives you secure storage at a low cost then definitely the Degoo Cloud storage is perfect for you.

In Degoo Premium, you get two types of plans. First Plan Pro 500 GB Cloud Space is the second plan Ultimate 10 TB Cloud space. You will be given different features in both plans.

 The first plan which is 500 GB at $2.99 / 1 month you will get these features.

Degoo cloud storage features



In the second ultimate plan which is 10 TB at $9.99 / 1 month, you will get these features 



Degoo app for Android

Degoo app is available on the play store so you can easily download and use it. And it is available on their official website so you can download it from their official website. And it has the auto-upload feature. So you don’t worry about uploading data on it. If you are unable it will auto-update when your Android smartphone connects to the internet or wifi.

Degoo app for windows

Degoo has no app for windows but you can access their website from your desktop and use it very easily. But if you use it from your browser then you will not be able to use the auto-upload feature. Whenever you upload something on it then you will upload it manually by yourself. 

Degoo app for iOS

The Degoo app is available in the App Store on your Apple iPhone so you can easily download it from the app store. And you already know that the Apple App Store is the most secure platform to download or install the app.

Degoo encryption

The main important thing is the security, this time you don’t trust anyone so we recommend you to use Degoo Cloud Storage because it is very secure cloud storage. Degoo protects your data in two layers the first one is End-to-end encryption and the second one is Zero-knowledge encryption. 
If you use their free service then they provide you only End-to-end encryption. I would recommend you to go with their premium plan because it gives you more security with zero-knowledge encryption.
Degoo does not share your private information with other third companies or apps. And also you can read their privacy policy on their website for better information.  
If you install and use the Degoo app then they will be asked you for some permission of your smartphone like – 
  • Storage
  • Phone
  • Device ID  & call information
  • Identity
  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Contacts

Degoo Cloud Storage Review: The Final Conclusion

Degoo Cloud Storage is a very good cloud service. With this, you also get good features and apart from this it is very safe. Its upload and download speed is also very good.
So if you are looking for the best cloud storage with the best security and best features and low cost then I will recommend you to go with Degoo cloud storage. Thank you

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