Top 10 Reasons Why Android is better than iPhone in 2022.


Why Android is better than iPhone in 2021
Why Android is better than iPhone in 2021


Why Android is better than iPhone in 2021. Do you have any confusion about this? Don’t worry I will give you the perfect solution to your confusion. Are you excited to know this?


In 2021, the Smartphone industry has gone ahead. So every day a new Android smartphone is launched and some new features are seen in everyone. But the iPhone only comes once a year.  


I was using an android smartphone for the last 3 years and I was very happy with android. But recently I think to test iPhone but when I use it I feel that android is far better than iPhone or iOS



This is the Top 10 Reasons Why Android is better than iPhone in 2021


  • Better design
  • display experience
  • charging speed
  • gaming experience
  • Customization
  • File transfer
  • Availability of apps
  • Multiple choice on your smartphone
  • Better specifications
  • value for money


Which is better design iPhone and android

First of all talk about design because design is the most important thing in a smartphone.
Nowadays there is a great need to have a good design to make the smartphone smart. The iPhone you have is much simpler than a 3-year-old iPhone. 

This is not the same in Android, every month so many android smartphones Lunch and they all look different. which gives freshness to the user experience.



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Which is the better display experience between iPhone and Android?


The display is one of the most important components of a smartphone as the display is used the most.

If you use your smartphone to consume content and use OTT apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch a movie and chill.

Then Android will give you a better experience because nowadays Android comes with a full-screen display but on iPhone, you will get a big notch that is a very poor thing. 

Nowadays most Android smartphones have high refresh rate support like 120Hz, 90Hz but iPhone comes with a normal 60Hz display.
Today a lot of  200$ android smartphones come with a 90hz display. Or smartphone-like Samsung galaxy s21 ultra and the OnePlus 8 series and many more Android smartphones come with 120 Hz refresh rate support.


Which Has Better Charging Speed Between iPhone and Android?

Today, there is not enough time to leave your mobile in charge. So it is very important to get the smartphone charged quickly.
Fast charging technology is also very good in the iPhone 2021 because the latest iPhone 12 series also gets only 30w charging support.

But in 2021 most Android smartphones come with 50 or 65W fast charging support.
Nowadays most of the online work is done by mobile, so that’s why fast charging technology is more beneficial to every smartphone user.


Who has the better gaming experience between iPhone and Android?



If you are a gaming lover then Android will give you a better gaming experience. Android smartphones are more used in the gaming industry.

So many android smartphone companies make gaming-centric smartphones only for gaming lovers.

As you know in 2021 most android smartphones come with high refresh rate support so because of the high refresh rate, the games can be run very smoothly.
On the iPhone, you get a simple 60 Hz display. Which makes it much more fun to play games on Android.

The iPhone is a premium phone that is not made for gaming, however, you can do well gaming on the iPhone.

Most of the games are well optimized for android because the number of users of android smartphones is very high all over the world. 

In the gaming industry, the phones of ASUS are used very widely. Because Asus offers some extraordinary features in its smartphone that make it a good gaming smartphone. Asus ROG PHONE 3 is a popular gaming smartphone in 2020.


Who has the advantage of more customizations between iPhone and Android?

Every man wants to customize his mobile according to his choice because everyone likes to use their phone in their favorite style.
There are so many customization options in Android that you can run an Android smartphone according to your own. In Android, you can also put fronts, app icons, and custom ROM but you will not get all this in iPhone. 


Which of the iPhone and Android has more sharing features?


If you are using an iPhone and your friend has an Android smartphone and you have to send some files to your friend then you may have a lot of trouble because the problem of transferring files from iPhones to Android is not so easy. 

If you want to be sifted from iPhone to Android, you will still have problems because you cannot bring your message back to Android.


iPhone vs Android- Which has more app available.

If you use an iPhone then you will know that you cannot download any application from outside the App Store and use it on your iPhone but on Android, you can install any app from anywhere.
Apple does this for the security of its user, but sometimes it causes too much trouble to the people. 

In Android, a lot of apps will be visible on the Google Play store itself, but in the I store there are not that many apps. And many apps are not optimized well for iOS. 

Multiple choice on your smartphone.



If you go to buy a new iPhone, then you will only get an iPhone series from Apple.
But if you go to buy an Android smartphone, then you will get so many different smartphones from different companies in the market, according to your needs. You can buy a perfect phone for yourself. 


Which smartphone has better specifications?


If you compare the latest iPhone 12 pro max with Samsung galaxy s21 ultra then you notice that this Samsung flagship gives you flagship specifications. 

On the other hand, if you look at the cheapest iPhone SE 2020 then you notice that cheap Android smartphones have much more specifications.
The iPhone also has very good specifications, but you don’t get what you pay for. 


Which Smartphone is Value for Money?

Android phones are more valuable for money because competition in the Android smartphone industry is very high.
Every company gives the best phone at the best price to sell its phones more, so Android is more value for money. 

If you have more money then you can buy anything, if you are from the United States that iPhone Is valuable for you but if you are from Asian countries like India, Bangladesh Nepal, etc then this is not value for money.

Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About Why Android is better than iPhone in 2021


Is Android better than iPhone?

Both iPhone and Android are the best in their place. If you have confusion in Android or iPhone. So read this post carefully and you can clear your confusion.

What can Android do that iPhone can t?

Android can install any external app but iPhone can’t

What is the advantage of the iPhone over Android?

iPhones are more spacious than Android smartphones. With this, you will get both the security and brand value of the phone on the iPhone but you will not get it on Android.

Do Androids last longer than iPhones?

It depends on how you use your Android or iPhone. However, it has been seen that the iPhone has been able to give better performances for a long time as compared to Android.

What’s the best phone in the world?

The best smartphone in the world, we can say only the iPhone because everyone likes to use the iPhone.

Should I get an iPhone or Samsung 2021?

Both Samsung and iPhone are great phones. You choose your smartphone according to your need.

What are the disadvantages of the iPhone?

You can not install an external app on iPhone. A good fast charger is not available on the phone. Apart from this, fewer features are seen in the iPhone as compared to Android.

What are the advantages of Android?

The biggest advantage of Android is that its price is very low.

Is Apple-owned by Android?

No. Apple and Android are different. Google made the Android operating system.



Top 10 Reasons Why Android is better than iPhone in 2021. My final words


So I think you will get the answer to the Top 10 Reasons Why Android is better than iPhone in 2021.
So the iPhone is a very good smartphone but sometimes androids perform better because of features. If you use an iPhone then you relate what I say. Do you like it?

If you plan to buy iPhone then definitely go for it but if your need not fulfills by iPhone I would recommend you to go with an Android smartphone.
So If you still have any questions or suggestions for us please leave a comment down below. 
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