Why Are Facebook And Instagram Down Today (July) And How To Fix It?

Why Are Facebook And Instagram Down Today And How To Fix It?: There can be more than one reason for Facebook and Instagram being down. However, sometimes Facebook may be down due to some technical error on Facebook’s server. Because Instagram is the service of Facebook, that’s why Facebook, Instagram, etc. also get down.

Only the developers of Facebook can fix the problem of the servers of Facebook and Instagram, but if only the service of Facebook is not running on your device, then you have to use some tricks yourself to fix it.

After following all the steps, Instagram and Facebook down can be fixed. It can be fixed in all versions of Android, iOS, or web. Instagram and Facebook give more problems in ios and android, it can be because of the user’s smartphone.

Why Are Facebook And Instagram Down?

The biggest reason for Facebook and Instagram being down is because of the Meta servers. Due to server failure, both these services as well as other services of Meta are also down. But Meta’s servers don’t break fail so quickly. Most of the time, the reason for the downing of both these services is the smartphone, internet connection, cache, etc. of the users.

If there is any shortage related to the server, then by following the official social media account of Meta company, you can know about the server down of Instagram and Facebook. But if there is no fault in the server, then the reason behind this could be some fault in the device.

How To Fix Facebook And Instagram Down

To fix both Facebook and Instagram apps, first of all, the device has to be checked that which Facebook and Instagram are not working on the device. Check all the things given below

  1. Internet connection
  2. Location
  3. App cache
  4. DNS server

Check these 4 things in your device after that fix all the things one by one and at last restart the smartphone. Read a tutorial on how to fix internet connection, app cache, dns server, etc. so that you can fix this problem yourself.

But if your device is not getting the network properly then you should pay attention to fixing this problem of your device. For this, you can read How to Get High-Speed Internet Connection, By reading this, you can completely solve the network issue from your device.

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How To Increase Internet Speed

Why is Instagram Not Working?

FAQ About Facebook And Instagram Down

Why Is FB Not Working?

FB stops working due to a problem with Meta’s server. If the server is fine, then update the FB app, and delete the cache, and if you use Facebook in the browser, then update the browser.

Is Facebook Server Down Now?

You can find out from any status checking website whether Facebook’s Server Down is down now or not. For this, write “Facebook server-status” in Google or any other search engine and visit any website.

Conclusion About Facebook and Instagram Down

Facebook and Instagram social media services sometimes stop working, this is a normal problem. Meta fixes the server problem by itself, but if there is any problem with your internet connection then you have to fix the internet connection yourself or change the connection.

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