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Google Drive Users Are Having Trouble Processing Videos

Google Drive Users Are Having Trouble Processing Videos
Google Drive users are having problems

Google Drive cloud storage is highly optimized for Android, but it has a lot of problems while uploading videos. Actually, whenever a video is uploaded to Google Drive, it takes a lot of time for the video to be processed. 

Due to this, the users have to wait a lot, and sometimes even after waiting for a long time, the video processing is not completed. This wastes the time of the users and also the video is not uploaded.

It is not that this problem is new in Google Drive, Google Drive users are facing this problem for a long time. But till now there is no solution to this problem. However, some users do not get to see any such problem at the time of video uploading.

Google’s Official Statement About This Problem

Google has not given any official statement regarding this problem, because it has to be processed to upload the video to Google Drive. Some users are facing problems in processing because the length and file size of their videos are large.

But Google can fix this problem too, but Google has not given updates about it even at present. This problem may be solved in the upcoming Google Drive application update. If Google Drive users will speak to Google about this problem, then this problem will be solved as soon as possible.

Any Right Way To Fix It

There is currently no perfect way to reduce video processing time in Google Drive, although some websites and YouTube videos have described how to fix it. Although there is no definite proof of how effective all these methods are. But if you are also facing problems with video processing in Google Drive, then you can watch these videos, this can also solve your problem.



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