How Long Does It Take Google Drive To Process A Video?

Are you also troubled by the extended time taken for video processing in Google Drive?

Today we will give you the solution because we have uploaded a 1GB size video to google drive, from which we have come to know how much time it takes, and how to reduce the time of this video processing.

So please read this post carefully so that you get the correct information and reduce the time of video processing.

How Long Does It Take Google Drive To Process A Video?

Uploading a typical 1GB video to Google Drive takes about 30 minutes, depending on your internet speed, and an additional 15 minutes for Google Drive to process the video to store and display it.

But if your video size is above 1GB, it may take you about 1 hour to process it. This is not a problem with you alone or with your Google Drive only. This is the problem of all Google Drive users.

Google Drive cloud storage service is a very good cloud storage solution. It is used by almost all Android users. Also, people who do not use Android also like Google Cloud very much. Because both security and features of Google cloud storage are good

Why Does Uploading To Google Drive Take So Long?

When all of us upload a video to Google Drive, then it takes a lot of time to upload it. Apart from this, sometimes after uploading, it also takes a lot of time to process it. As we have a lot of problems and our time is also wasted.

There are two reasons why video processing takes a long time: first slow internet connection and second heavy file size. If you use slow internet then you may find it difficult to upload videos to Google Drive, if your video size is too big and you upload it to Google Drive, you still have trouble uploading it.

How To Upload Video on Google Drive Faster

You get these 2 ways to reduce the video processing time of Google Drive, But even after using these methods, if your video is not being processed quickly, then it is happening because of Google’s algorithm.

1. Fix Slow Internet Connection

If your internet connection is very slow then you will take more time to upload the video. To increase the internet speed, you have to change your internet plan. Or if you have a high-speed internet plan, even then you are getting low speed, then you should use it with the help of internet cable.

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2. compress the video File size

If you upload a very large size video to Google Drive, then that video takes more time to process. That is why whenever you upload a video to Google Drive, reduce the file size of that video. This will give you two benefits, first, you will take less processing time and second, you will save space in your Google Drive. With which you can upload more files to Google Drive.

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how to fix Google Drive Video Quality Only 360p

To fix this, you can fix your internet connection or restart the device. Apart from this, download the video once and check it so that you can see the exact quality of that video. If Google Drive has compressed your video, then you can find your RAW file from the device and upload it again.


How Long Does It Take To Process A Video Uploaded To Google Drive?

It depends on the quality ie the size of your video. It takes about 5 – 15 minutes for a standard video.

What Does It Mean When Google Is Processing A Video?

This means that Google will process your video, in order for the video you uploaded to Google Drive to be visible to you again and to save that video on Google’s data server.

How Long Does It Take To Process A Video?

It takes about 5-15 minutes to process a video.

How Long Does Google Drive Take To Process A 4k Video?

The size of a 4k video is very large, so it takes more time to process it. If your internet connection is fast then it may take you around 30-60 minutes.

Why Is It Taking So Long For My Video To Upload To Google Drive?

Heavy file size and slow internet connection may occur due to the time taken for your video to process.

How Long Does It Take For A 30-minute Video To Process On Google Drive?

A 30-minute video may take 20-40 minutes to process in Google Drive depending on the file size.

Why Is My Video Not Playing On Google Drive?

If your video is not playing on Google Drive it may mean that there is a problem with your internet connection.

How Can I Speed Up Google Drive Uploads?

To speed up video upload in Google Drive, you must have a good fast internet connection and the size of your videos should also be less.

Why Is Google Drive Video Only 360p?

If your video is coming in 360p in google drive it means the video you uploaded already had the same pixel size. You can increase and decrease the video quality of Google Drive from 360p only at the time of uploading the video. You can use a video editor for this. You can increase the quality of the video using any free video editor.

Does Google Drive Compress Video?

No, Google Drive never compresses your video files.

How Long Does It Take For A 10-minute Video To Process On Google Drive?

A 10-minute video may take 5-15 minutes to process in Google Drive. The time taken to process a 10-minute video in Google Drive depends a lot on the file size of the video. You can know through the post how to reduce the file size and process it quickly.

How Long Does It Take To Upload A 4GB Video To Google Drive?

How long it will take to upload a 4Gb video to Google Drive will depend on your internet speed. Although it may take 10-30 minutes for a typical internet speed.

Which is better to save photos and videos SD card or Google Drive? 

SD card and Google Drive are both good options to store photos and videos, if you have a fast internet connection then you use google drive and if not then using an sd card will prove beneficial for you.

Are there any alternatives to Google Drive for desktops?

Yes. There are many alternative cloud storage of Google Drive available for desktops, the most popular of them being One Drive, mega, Pcloud, etc. All this cloud storage can be used on both desktops and smartphones.

Why would Google docs say my DL info is incorrect?

If you upload your wrong driving license in Google Docs, then you will see it wrong. Please upload the correct document and check back.

Is it safe to remove Google Docs from my phone?

Yes, you can delete Google Docs from your smartphone. This will not lose any of your data, and if it is ever needed, it can be installed back from the Google Play Store and all data can be accessed by signing in with your account.

What way is best to access Google Drive?

The official Google Drive application is the best way to access Google Drive. This app is available for both android and ios. This app is highly optimized for both operating systems so it is easy to use

How long does it take google to process a video?

Video uploading time is different in different Google products, but if you are uploading videos to Google Drive and your video is in processing then it may take you 10-30 minutes. You can follow the above-given tips to upload the video quickly.

Why do videos take so long to upload to google drive?

Slow internet connection and show processing speed can be the reason for taking time for video uploading, you must have read about how these two problems are solved.

What does it mean Google Drive Video Is Still Processing?

If you upload a video to Google Drive and it is showing video processing, it means that Google is storing your video in its data server and preparing your video for your access. There is no need to worry about this, Google will save your video safely on its server so that you can access your video anytime. 


The problem of video processing in Google Drive is a normal thing, do not be afraid of it. Follow all the steps given in this post to upload videos to Google Drive faster and reduce processing time.

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