How To Access Telegram Cloud Storage

To access the Telegram cloud storage, you need to install the Telegram messaging application and create an account in it. By creating a channel in Telegram, you can use unlimited cloud storage in it. But this cloud storage will be private only until you add anyone to your channel

There is currently no cloud storage available from Telegram. Telegram groups and channels can be created in the Telegram messaging app itself. Unlimited data can be uploaded on the Telegram channel, so the Telegram channel can also be used as cloud storage.

Use Unlimited Cloud Storage in Telegram

To use Telegram cloud storage, you must first download Telegram’s official app from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore.

  1. Create an account in the Telegram app
  2. create a channel
  3. Select the Private Channel option

Increase The Security Of Telegram Cloud Storage

Any kind of security key and end-to-end encryption is not available in Telegram cloud storage. Although Telegram is a secure messaging application, your files are stored in the Telegram channel, so if someone joins your channel, then all your data can be accessed.

So to make Telegram cloud storage secure, you should keep your channel private, so that no one can join your channel without your permission. Follow these steps to make the channel private

  1. Open the channel
  2. Click on the Channel Name
  3. Click on the Pen logo
  4. Click on Channel Type
  5. Save by selecting the Private channel


Will Telegram Delete My Data?

No, whatever data you upload to Telegram will never be deleted.

How Can I See My Telegram Cloud Storage?

You can upload unlimited data in Telegram, that’s why you cannot check how much storage you are using in Telegram.

How To Delete Telegram Cloud Storage? 

To delete your data from Telegram Cloud, you can delete your channel, or you can delete any file you want one by one.

Does Telegram Have Cloud Storage?

No, Telegram does not have any cloud storage service, but you can upload and store your files in the Telegram messaging application.

How Can I See My Telegram Downloads?

To check download files in Telegram, open the file manager of your smartphone and open the Telegram folder. After that, you will find all the files in the download folder.

Where Does Telegram Store Data On iPhone?

All Telegram files are saved in the internal storage of the iPhone.


Telegram is a messaging service but it can also be used as cloud storage. However, like Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, etc., you do not get any data limit in this. You can upload unlimited file sizes to it.

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