Like Facebook, Apple Is Also Cheating Users By Tracking Them.

Apple company has been seen as very strict about its privacy, but many companies like Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, etc. have raised questions about Apple’s security. Because due to some rules Apple, these companies have to bear a lot of loss.

All these companies say that Apple is not allowing these companies to track users, but Apple itself is tracking users. In such a situation, all these companies say that if Apple was concerned about the privacy of the users, then Apple itself would not have tracked it.

The way Facebook tracks its users and shows targeted ADS to everyone. Similarly, Apple is also showing targeted ads by tracking the user, Apple is currently showing ads in all apps like Apple Maps, Mail, etc.

At the time of the iOS 15 launch, Apple updated that Apple will scan all photos and videos of iPhone users to block certain content that has been linked to the child. And if any user does illegal work in this way, then it will be deleted immediately.

Apart from Apple, if any other company had acted in this way, then people would probably not use the product of that company. But now that the Apple company itself is tracking the users, then no one is worried about their privacy.

In the recent past, there have been a lot of controversies between Facebook and Apple company, the reason for these controversies is one of Apple’s rules, according to which all the apps available in the AppStore, if there is any microtransaction in all those apps, then Apple will charge 30% from it.

Epic Games also does microtransactions in the game, and it also gives a 30% commission to Apple, so Epic Games suffers a lot, that’s why Epic Games started selling all skins on their website since the Apple and Epic Games controversy also started before the Games.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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