How To Buy Storage on iPhone In 2023

Is your iPhone full of storage? And you want to Buy Storage on iPhone. So through this post, we will tell you how you can buy more storage for your iPhone at a lower price.

Because if you did not pay attention to the features, security, etc. at the time of buying online cloud storage, then your money and your data can be wasted. Buying storage is a very easy task if you know which cloud storage is best for you.

But if you do not know how to buy good and cheap cloud storage for your iPhone. So you should read this post carefully first. This post will discuss how you can buy storage for your iPhone, what options you get, and how you can buy these storage options.

How To Buy Storage on iPhone

You get 3 options to buy storage in iPhone,

  1. iCloud premium subscription plan
  2. iCloud use alternative cloud storage
  3. Buy an external SSD

Select whichever option best suits your needs. However, if you buy an external ssd you will be able to use it with other devices as well if you have multiple devices

Update The iCloud Plan

Suppose you think that iCloud storage is the best option for you. Then you can upgrade to iCloud’s free 5GB storage and buy a cloud storage plan from 50GB to 2TB.

  1. To update iCloud plans, you have to open iCloud
  2. And click on Buy More Storage or Change Storage Plan.
  3. And select the right plan, we would recommend that you buy 50 cloud storage only and if the iCloud storage becomes full again then you upgrade the plan.

How To Buy More Storage On iPhone Not iCloud

Want to buy more storage on iPhone but not iCloud, you have 2 options. Switch to iCloud alternatives like Google Drive, pCloud, and Degoo, and the other option was to buy an external SSD. If you don’t want to upload data frequently then an external SSD was your best option

Which Cloud Storage Is Best For iPhone Users?

iCloud, Degoo, Google Drive, pCloud, etc. are the most popular cloud storages which are used by most iPhone and Android users. Because this cloud storage service is best for all users. You can read a detailed post about them in our 5 best cloud storage.

But the best cloud storage for iPhone is iCloud. Because it is easy for iPhone users to use it. But its cost is high and the features are also slightly less than other cloud storage. That’s why you can use Degoo, Google Drive, PCloud, etc.

What Is The Right Way To Buy Storage On iPhone?

The best way to buy storage for iPhone is to buy any cloud storage whose apps are available for ios. Apart from this, according to your requirement, you should buy the cloud storage capacity of how much storage you need so that you do not have any storage shortage in the future. However, if you have subscribed to any cloud storage, then you can increase the storage limit by updating the plans in the future.

You cannot increase the capacity of internal storage in the phone. Nor can you increase the storage by putting an sd card in the iPhone. But you can buy storage in iPhone or other Apple devices using iCloud.

iCloud does not increase the internal storage of your iPhone or other Apple devices. iCloud is a cloud storage service created by Apple for its users. Because Apple is very serious about security, that’s why Apple company does not want any user to reduce security and performance by putting a separate sd card in their device.


Can You Buy More iPhone Storage?

Yes, you can buy more iPhone storage using iCloud, but it requires a monthly subscription to iCloud, from which up to 100GB-2TB of cloud storage can be purchased.

How Do I Get More iCloud Storage Without Buying It?

If you want to increase iCloud storage without buying then it is impossible for you. Because you can use 5GB cloud storage on iCloud for free. If you want more than 5GB of iCloud storage then you have to pay for it.

How To Buy iPhone Storage?

To buy storage for your iPhone, you should use the iCloud cloud storage service. Apart from this, you can also use other cloud storage services.

How Do I Increase Storage On My iPhone?

There is no option to increase the storage in the iPhone. Because you cannot use an extra sd card on iPhone. That is why you have to use cloud storage only on the iPhone.

How Much Is It To Buy Storage On iPhone?

It can cost you $0.99 to $9.99 to buy storage on the iPhone. The cost of cloud storage can be more or less depending on your country.

What Do I Do When My iPhone Storage Is Full?

If your iPhone’s internal storage is full, then you can clean the internal storage by transferring all your data to the external hard drive. Apart from this, you can delete useless data from the internal storage of the phone. And if you do not want to delete any data, then you can do cloud storage.

Can You Buy Internal Storage For iPhone?

You cannot buy the internal storage in any smartphone separately. At the time of buying a smartphone, you should buy the right smartphone according to your requirement so that you do not lack storage in the future.

Can You Put An Sd Card In An iPhone?

No. You can’t put an sd card on iPhone. Because installing the wrong sd card, there is a lot of impact on the performance and security of the smartphone, Apple does not give any option to install the sd card in the iPhone.

Can iPhone Memory Be Increased?

No. You cannot increase the internal storage in the iPhone. You can free the storage by simply deleting the unusable data from the internal storage.


If the storage in your phone is getting full, then you should use cloud storage at. This will never delete your data. And you don’t even have to transfer it to different hard drives again and again. You can use it anytime from anywhere with the help of the internet.

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