How To Get Unlimited Data For Free

Everyone needs unlimited data or internet, but every Internet Service Providers (ISP) allow users to use the Internet for a limited amount only.

There are some broadband services in which there is no data limit, but using all these broadband services is very expensive. And installing a broadband service is not that beneficial for an Android smartphone user either.

Also, broadband services can be used only in the home or only in a particular location, or area.

Why Is Unlimited Data Important?

The Internet is very important for any Android or Smartphone user. Nowadays, all the work is being done with the help of the internet, apart from this, a lot of internets is needed for streaming videos on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Because nowadays the quality of videos is very good, which is why the size of the videos also increases. In such a situation, the limited amount of data is less for the user. And topping up extra data every day becomes a lot more expensive for the users.

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If someone wants to start digital marketing using a smartphone, or wants to upload videos to YouTube, then an unlimited internet connection becomes very important for him. In 2022 all users desperately need an unlimited internet connection.

How To Get Free Data On Android

To get free unlimited data on Android, you have to use the Psiphon Pro app. The Psiphon pro app is a popular app to use unlimited internet. You can see the tutorial to use the Psiphon Pro app through this video. In this video, all the features and settings available in the Psiphon Pro app have been explained in detail.

Psiphon Pro (FULL Tutorial) – YouTube

All the steps to use the Psiphon Pro app are given below. There are 2 methods to get free internet using this app, the first automatic method, and the second custom HTTP proxy method.

To use the automatic method, follow the steps given below.

  1. Download the Psiphon Pro apk
  2. install the app
  3. open the app
  4. Click on the start button (for automatic scanning)
  5. wait a while
  6. If the code is connected you will be redirected to another window 
  7. Click on the YES AGREE button

If the automatic option does not work then you should use the 2nd method. To use the Custom HTTP Proxy method, follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the Psiphon Pro app
  2. Click on option
  3. Click on the option of VPN Settings
  4. Select Tunnel All App Option
  5. Click back button
  6. Click on the proxy settings option
  7. Enable Connect Through An HTTP Proxy Option
  8. Click on the Custom HTTP Header option
  9. Enable Add Custom HTTP Header Option
  10. Enter the name of your in the header value 1
  11. Turn off mobile data and turn it on again
  12. Click on the start option

After following all these steps you will be able to use the internet for free.

Get Unlimited Free Internet Using Tunnel VPN

There are many Android apps available in the Google Play Store to get free internet. If you could not get free internet from Psiphon Pro, then you can use all these apps.

Using Zam ViP Net and RD Tunnel Pro VPN, you can use the internet for free. Download any one of these two VPN, after installing select the server and once connected you can use internet for free.

Name Download Link
Orbot – Proxy with torGet Link
Hola Free VPNGet Link
TunnelBear VPNGet Link
Hotspot Shield VPNGet Link
VyprVPNGet Link
Zam ViP NetGet Link
RD Tunnel ProGet Link
Free Apps to Get Unlimited Data for Android


Is there an Unlimited Data Usage Plan Available for Seniors?

Companies like T-Mobile and Verizon offer unlimited data plans for seniors. Although these plans are not free, some discounts are seen in these plans as compared to the plans of normal users.

What App Gives You Free Unlimited Data?

The Psiphon Pro app provides the facility to access the Internet for free. This app is available for Android and Windows for free, however, the premium plan of this app is also available.

How Can I Get Free Data On My Android Phone?

To use free data on Android smartphones, many apps are available in Google Play Store and other third-party websites. Out of these only a few apps work properly because most of the apps do not work properly.

How Can I Get Free GB Data?

You can use data manager apps to get free GB so that you can store your data saved every day and use it later. But for this, it is very important to use the right apps, otherwise, both your data and time can be wasted.

How Can I Get Unlimited Data On My Phone?

To always use unlimited data on smartphones, please contact your internet service providers. Because free internet can be used through external apps but highspeed internet cannot be found for free from these apps.

Am I Still Getting Free Data And Unlimited Minutes On My Phone Each Month?

To know whether you are getting Free Data And Unlimited Minutes every month or not, you should contact the customer service of your SIM card provider to know which plan is available on your smartphone or SIM card, because only your provider Can give you all the details about your plans.

Does Any Unlimited Cell Phone Company Offer Totally Unlimited Data Plans?

Yes, many companies provide unlimited data and calling plans. If some internet service provider mentions unlimited data and calling in their plans, then you will get all the facilities unlimited in that. But not all countries and all operators provide internet for free. Because the internet is very expensive in many countries, and due to fewer internet service providers in some markets, good plans do not even provide to the user.

Will Unlimited Data Ever Become Free?

Internet is always free, Internet Service Providers come out with plans only to provide maintenance and service. And the company will never provide unlimited data to a normal user for free.

How To Know If You Have Unlimited Data on Android

To know whether the unlimited internet plans are activated or not, you will be able to know through the balance checking method of your SIM card providers. The balance checking method of all telecommunication companies is different. All companies recommend their official website or apps to check balances.

How To Get Unlimited 4G Data For Free?

To get unlimited 4G internet, you have to use the above-mentioned smartphone application. This app is free, however, its premium plans are also available where you get more high-speed internet. It is up to you whether you prefer to use its free or premium plans.


There are many apps and websites available on the internet which claim to provide free internet. However, in all these apps, some settings and procedures have to be followed to use the Internet for free. And this process may take some time to complete. And even high-speed internet cannot be used using these apps. That’s why before downloading any app, read its reviews.

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