How To Make A Call On Signal App

The Signal messaging app is one of the most secure apps available on both Android and iOS, and you can make voice and video calls on it as well. 

So this article will help you to know how you can make voice and video calls using the most secure Signal app.

You don’t need to recharge your SIM card to make calls on Signal, all you need is the internet. If you have an internet connection then you can call any Signal app user for free. 

How To Make A Audio/Video Call On Signal

In order to make audio or video calls through Signal App, the person you want to call must also have Signal App. Otherwise, you will be unable to make the call. If both of you have the Signal app installed, then you can follow the steps given below to make audio or video calls.

  1. Open the chat 
  2. Click on the audio/video call option at the top of the chat screen 
  3. Click on the start call
  4. Wait for response

With the Signal app, you can make calls to anyone very easily. It is important to note that the Signal app is very secure, as the messages, as well as calls within it, are end-to-end encrypted.


Is Signal App Video Call Secure?

Yes, audio and video calls in the Signal app are protected by end-to-end encryption. Your calls are private and secure in the Signal app. The signal app did not collect any data on your calls and messages. And even a third party won’t access your calls because of the Signal app security features.

Can Signal Calls Be Tapped?

No, no one can trap calls on the Signal messaging app. With the Signal app, you get complete security, even when you are on a call, in the same way, that you get security when you are sending messages.

Can Signal Calls Be Recorded?

No, there is no call recording feature available in Signal App. Maybe in the coming time Signal will add a call recording feature. But its chances are very less

How Do You Delete Call History From Signal?

To delete call history, you have to delete the entire chat, because the feature to delete call history is not available in the Signal app.

How Do You Mute Calls On The Signal App?

You can mute calls and messages on the Signal app by clicking on the contact name or header section. Enable the Mute option and select Time. Once the mute option is enabled, you will not receive any notification from the contact for the selected time period.

How Do You Block Calls On Signal App?

There is no option to block only calls on the Signal messaging app. You will need to block the contact if you want to stop receiving calls from any number.

Do Signal Calls Show Up On Call Log?

No, the Signal app does not show you call logs.

Do Signal Messages Show Up On Your Phone Bill?

There are no charges associated with Signal Messages since it is a free messaging service, in which voice and video calls can also be made free of charge. That’s why Signal Messages don’t appear on your phone bill.

Does Signal Have Call Waiting?

There is no call waiting in the Signal app.


The Signal messaging app allows you to make free voice and video calls. Hope this article gives you an idea of how you can use the Signal app and make calls. The signal app is much more secure than any SIM card provider. That’s why you should use it.

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