How To Send A Message At A Certain Time From Android/iPhone

How To Send A Message At A Certain Time
How To Send A Message At A Certain Time



How To Send A Message At A Certain Time From Android/iPhone: Is your friend angry with you for not wishing his birthday on time? No problem, today through this post we will talk with you about an application, if you use that application, none of your friends will ever be angry with you.


Because with the help of this application, you can message anyone at the right time, even if you are busy with any work. You don’t even need to touch your bill. You just have to type your message in advance and the application will send your message on time as an assistant.


But the best thing about this application is that it is free for you. You do not have to pay any money to use this application.


The Best Way To Schedule Any Text Message


The best way to Schedule a Text Message is to send that message through WhatsApp. There is nothing to fear, this app is very much trusted, so without any problem you can give this app access to your WhatsApp.


  • You have to open WhatsApp to schedule the message.
  • After this, you have to download the SKED app.
  • After that, all permissions will have to be given to send the message automatically.
  • Select contact number
  • Then type a message
  • Select date and time
  • And turn off all screen lock and app lock


How To Send A Text At A Certain Time On iPhone


To schedule any text message from iPhone, you have to use Siri Short Cut Application and Automation Application. With the help of these two applications, you can send any text message to anyone at any time.


So let’s know that how you will be able to schedule any text message on the iPhone.


  • First, you have to launch the Siri Shortcuts application
  • Now click on Automation
  • And click on the plus icon
  • Click on Create a Personal Automation
  • Click on time over the date
  • Select Month and Select Date on Calendar
  • Select Time and Click on Next Button
  • Click in Actions
  • Select message app
  • type the message
  • And select the number of the recipient and click on next
  • Turn off ASK before running and click on done


How To Send A Message At A Certain Time Using Shortcuts


There is no option to send an automatic text message through any shortcut button on any Android and iPhone. You only have to take the help of the method given in our post to schedule the message. But in Android, apart from the SKED application, you also get to see other applications. You can also use all those applications to schedule messages.


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How Do You Cancel A Scheduled Message On A Android/iPhone? 


To cancel the scheduled message on any iPhone or Android, you have to open the flight mode at the time when the message is about to be sent.

Flight mode will disconnect the network connection from your smartphone and will not send your message.


Or if you are an Android user and want to cancel the scheduled message without turning on the flight mode, you have to uninstall the SKED application.

Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About How To Send A Message At A Certain Time From Android/iPhone.


How To Send the Same Message Every Half Hour To A Specific Number? 


If you want to send any text message every half hour, then you should keep that text message in repeat mode. To put a text message in repeat mode, you must select the repeat time at the time of scheduling the message.


What Is The Shortcut To Send 100 Messages At Once On iPhone?


To send 100 messages simultaneously through the iPhone, the help of automation shortcuts will have to be taken. And to know how to do this process, you have to read that part carefully, how do you schedule messages on the iPhone given in this post of ours?


What Is The Shortcut To Send A Lot Of Messages At Once?


To send a lot of messages at once, you have to create a group and on the messaging app and add all the people in that group to whom you want to send the message.


Is There An App To Send Mass Text Messages?


On Google Play Store or other third-party websites, you get to see many apps that send a lot of messages at once. However, all these apps are paid. To use these applications you have to buy a subscription or message limit.


Can Office 365 Send Sms?


You cannot send Direct Messages with the help of Microsoft Office. Many companies use Microsoft Office to send messages to their customers. Sending messages becomes very easy with the help of Microsoft Office.


Is it safe to schedule messages?


iPhone is considered to be the most secure smartphone, it is safe to schedule messages on the phone. But whenever you use an application to schedule messages in Android, then do a little research about that app. Because sometimes fake apps are also installed in Android due to which your data can be stolen.


How To Send A Message At A Certain Time From Android/iPhone: The Final Conclusion


Scheduling or automating any text message is very easy for the iPhone. In Android, you have to use third-party apps. But in Android, you can schedule messages only in WhatsApp.


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