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How To Unhide Apps On iPhone In 2023

How To Unhide Apps On iPhone
Unhide Apps On iPhone

Are you not able to unhide the hidden apps of your iPhone? No problem, through this post we will tell you how you will be able to Unhide any app from your iPhone.

Unlike Android, you cannot completely hide any app on the iPhone. Maybe Apple does not want the iPhone user not to be given such a feature. However, the Hide Application feature is a very important feature. It is necessary to have this feature in every smartphone.

That is why Android smartphones are considered good in terms of features. You can read through our given post why Android can be a better option for you than iPhone.

How To Unhide Apps On iPhone

To Unhide Unhide Apps On iPhone follow the steps given below-

  1. Go to the Application Library and type the name of the app you want to unhide in the search bar.
  2. Find the app you want to unhide by sliding it through the Applications library.
  3. Or slide your home screen until you find the application library.
Unhide the hidden apps on your iPhone

In Apple iPhones no app is completely hidden, the icons of the apps can only be removed from the home screen.

How Do I Put Hidden Apps Back On My iPhone Home Screen?

To bring the hide application back to the home screen, you have to hold on to that app for a while. After that, you have to click on Remove App and see whether the option to bring it to the home screen is coming or not.

If it is not coming then you can uninstall that app and install it again. Because on the iPhone you cannot do anything with any extra tricks. Because iPhones are very secure smartphones and you cannot use any different tricks in them.

Best App To Hide Apps On The iPhone

On the iPhone, you will not find any such third-party app that hides the iPhone’s app. Apart from this, if you get any such third-party apps then you should not install them because such apps are fake.

However, in Android, there are many apps available on Google Play Store or other websites, which can hide any app on Android. And all those apps work well on Android.

Why It Is Important To Hide And Unhide Application

We use many types of applications on any smartphone. But sometimes we install some such apps on our smartphones that we cannot share with anyone else.

In which all our private things live. Like any app which is related to banking, jobs, social media apps, etc. All those apps are very private to us.

Because in all these apps we have private data. We should not share that application with anyone. so that no one misuses that application.

That is why it is very important to keep all these apps hidden whenever we give our smartphones to any other person to use.


How Do I Unhide Hidden Apps?

To unhide hidden apps, you have to search your application in the application library or slide it to find it.

How to unhide camera apps on IOS 14.5.1?

To unhide the Camera app in iOS 14.5.1 you have to go to the Applications category or Application library by sliding the Home screen to the left. In the application library, search for the Camera app in the search box.

How Do You Unhide Apps On Ios 14?

As in iOS 14.5.1, you have to use the application library to unhide the applications from iOS 14. Scroll down to the Applications library and find your app.

How Do I Unhide An App From The Library?

In any iOS update on the iPhone, there is no option to hide or unhide the app from the application library.

Where Are My Hidden Apps On iPhone?

The hidden apps in your iPhone are kept in the application library. You just have to search the name of that application and you will see the App.

How Do I Restore An Icon On My iPhone?

You cannot change the icon of any app on the Apple iPhone. Apple does not provide any feature to edit the icon of the application on the iPhone. But in Android, you can change the icon of applications by using different launchers.


You cannot completely hide any app in Apple iPhone. You only get a chance to remove any application from the home screen. Which is very simple and easy too. But it would have been better if the app could be completely hidden for all iPhone users.



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