Instagram Engagement Down (Fix It Now)

All Instagram influencers and normal users are also very upset due to low engagement on Instagram, although this problem is not permanent. This problem can be fixed by following a few simple steps.

We have shared 9 ways in which you can grow your Instagram account back. Follow all these methods regularly so that you can get better results soon. Poor upload quality can also be the reason behind the Instagram account’s engagement being down.

Why Is Instagram Engagement Down?

Algorithmic updates are the main reason for low engagement rates on Instagram. So, Instagram stops giving more reach to your content if your followers do not like it.

And, another reason is that your followers are not active on Instagram. Instagram posts are most visible to only those followers who visit your profile more or always go by liking or commenting on your posts.

How To Fix Instagram Engagement Down

1. Attract Followers

You can send a message to some of your followers and ask them to visit your profile, and if possible, ask the followers to like or comment on some of your posts. This will allow all your latest posts to appear in those followers’ feeds.

If you have a lot of followers, then you may not be able to try this method manually, for this you will have to invest some money in Instagram promotion. Because it is impossible to send messages to too many followers at once and at the same time it may take you a lot of time.

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2. Select Only One Topic

If you put a post on only one topic in your account, then only those people will follow you who are interested in that topic. This will never reduce your engagement. If you post on multiple topics, it will give more engagement to the account only for a short time period.

Post only on one topic, if you want to cover more topics, then you can create a separate account or create a dedicated account for each topic.

3. Promote New Account

Over time, the reach and engagement of most Instagram account decreased. Because all social media platforms promote new accounts. So if your Instagram account has become too old, then it is better that you create a new account. so that you get all the engagement back.

By creating a new account, more followers can be gained back in it in less time. For this, you must read How to Increase Instagram Followers for Free. With this, you will be able to reach a new audience on Instagram, who are currently very active. This will give you a lot of benefits for increasing engagement.

4. Use Follow Unfollow Method

Unfollow all the accounts you follow and follow them again, this will refresh your profile. However, you should use this method only 20-30 times every day. Because if you use this method more, then Instagram may think that your account has been hacked.

5. Don’t Use Uncommon Hashtags

Always use the most popular and trending hashtags while posting on Instagram, this will recommend your post to more people. If you create any hashtag by yourself, then the algorithm of Instagram is not able to get much information about the post.

And recommending a hashtag that is not very popular may not be beneficial for Instagram, that’s why Instagram does not promote your post much.

6. Use popular songs

Currently, a lot of songs are trending daily all over the world, so if you include hashtags of those trending songs in your post then your post will be fresh content for Instagram. Social media runs only with fresh content, that’s why your post will be promoted to more people.

Check the YouTube Music section to find trending songs. Or you can also find trending music on other music streaming platforms.

7. Add Funny Content

All users like to see funny content, that’s why add more and more funny content to your profile so that people will see more of your videos and also like your post. On whichever topic you post, try to upload only funny content on that topic.

8. Add Eye Catchy Graphics 

A good graphic can give a better look to any post, so always try to design and upload your post. So that your post looks professional and when anyone sees your post, then definitely check it once.

You can use editors like canva, pixel lab, adobe photoshop, etc. to create engaging graphic designs. However, in all these editing software and services, you get mostly premium templates and designs, so you have to pay for them.

9. Be Regular 

By posting regularly, all your followers will always be engaged with you, this will never cause any kind of engagement down problem with your account. That’s why post anything interesting on Instagram at a fixed time every day.

Because by uploading the post in high quantity, the quality of your post may decrease a bit. That’s why try to make every post unique and interesting.


Why Are My Likes Going Down On Instagram 2022

The reason for going down the ratio of Likes in Instagram posts may be the topic on which your followers want to post, you are not posting the post on that topic or the followers are not liking your post.

Does Deleting Instagram Posts Affect Engagement?

No, deleting old Instagram posts does not reduce the engagement of your account on Instagram. But if you do not post any posts for a long time, then your engagement may decrease.

What Are Peak Hours On Instagram?

If most of your followers are of young age, then you should upload posts on Instagram in the morning or evening only. Because most of the young people stay free only in the morning and evening.

How Do I Reset My Instagram Algorithm?

There is no way to reset the Instagram algorithm. Because Instagram does not publicly speak any information about how its algorithm works. Because this can harm the security of Instagram.

Why Has My Instagram Engagement Suddenly Dropped in 2022?

A sudden Drop coming to Instagram Engagement may be the reason why you haven’t uploaded any posts for some time. If you do not see any engagement in any of your posts even after posting regularly, then you should change your account.

Why Is My Instagram Not Reaching Anyone?

You may be inactive due to your posts not reaching any user. If you post regularly, then you will get more engagement in your account.


All problems would have a solution, that’s why this problem of yours can also be fixed in a short time. To get engagement back on Instagram, you don’t have to have any kind of technical knowledge. Using all these methods will solve your problem, but unless you publish good content, your account will not get engagement.

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