How To Get Visibility On Instagram In 2022

Do you want to increase visibility on Instagram? Then this post is very beneficial for you.

Because we are using Instagram for the last 5 years, That’s why we will tell you 5 ways by which you can get 100% visibility on Instagram.

By reading this post you will be able to know how you will be able to make your account visible. If your account gets fewer likes, or followers are not increasing. Then this problem of yours will also be solved. Because if your visibility increases, then all these problems of your account also get solved with it.

Ways To Get Visibility On Instagram 

Below are the 5 best ways to gain visibility on Instagram.

1. Post Reels

Instagram is currently promoting Reels a lot. By using this you will be able to get visibility. The more reels you post, the more visible your account will be. However, keep in mind that only put reels on those topics which your followers like to see or which give value to the followers.

For a few days, you can post Instagram reels on multiple topics, after putting reels in about 10 topics, whichever topic gets the most views and likes. Only put regular posts and reels on that topic so that your visibility will increase even more.

2. Tag People

Tag all your followers in your post, so that your post will reach their followers as well, this will give you a lot more visibility on Instagram. Most people just tag big celebrities and think that this will give them more likes and visibility. But this does not happen, because every day millions of people tag all these big celebrities. That’s why you should tag your followers only.

3. Optimize Account 

Instagram is a social media platform, Instagram likes to promote only those accounts more, which follow all the guidelines of Instagram and also do not spam any. In such a situation, if you optimize your account according to the algorithm of Instagram, then the chances of your account’s visibility increase greatly.

To optimize an Instagram account, you must read How To Optimize an Instagram Profile. This will allow you to optimize your account, which can increase the visibility of your account twice as fast. The better you optimize your account, the better results you will get.

4. Discuss With Other Users

Another great way to increase visibility on Instagram is by discussing stories with followers and friends. You can discuss any topic by tagging your followers in your story, this will also repost your story so that their followers will visit your profile. If your account is old, then this method may not be good for you. 

Because this method can be very slow, because if your followers have fewer followers than you, then fewer people will see your stories. That is why you can decide for yourself whether you want to use this method or not. However, if you have opened your new account, then this method will also be very beneficial for you.

5. Post regularly

To get visibility on Instagram, you must first post on Instagram so that Instagram promotes your account. By posting regularly you will get organic growth on Instagram. This will increase your visibility gradually and you will get good engagement in all the posts.

Also, Instagram will never down your account’s reach by posting regularly. Regular does not mean that you post 10-15 times every day. You have to do only 1 post every day. Apart from the post, you also put stories every day and try to talk QNA with your followers through stories. So that your followers keep interested in you.

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Why Am I Not Being Seen On Instagram?

If you are not seeing Instagram, then it means that you do not post properly and are not very active on Instagram. Post from time to time and be active on Instagram for a short time every day. If Instagram has shadow banned your account, being active on a regular basis may recover your account.

How Do You Increase Your Visibility On Instagram 2022?

We use 5 methods to increase visibility, which is mentioned above. Apart from this, we use Instagram a lot of time every day and stay connected with our followers. 

Why Is Nobody Seeing My Instagram Posts?

No one is seeing your Instagram posts due to not posting on time or being inactive for a long time. That’s why you should upload posts regularly and follow all our tips to get visibility back on Instagram.

How Do I Get My Followers To See My Posts?

To get your followers to see the post, you must first DM everyone and ask them to like and comment on all your posts. Due to this Instagram will also recommend your new post to them and your engagement will be recovered.

Why Don’t My Followers See My Posts?

If your followers do not see your post, then it means that your followers are not active, maybe they have created another account or they are not liking your post. That’s why you can DM your followers to like your post.


We use these 5 methods to grow our Instagram accounts, many of our accounts also have a lot of followers and good engagement also comes in all Instagram posts. So we can tell you that this method really works and is beneficial for you. However, as long as you are not active in Instagram, none of the methods will work for you. You have to be active always and upload regular posts.

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