10 Miami Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now

Today you will be able to know about 10 such Miami bloggers, who have millions of fans on Instagram, These 10 bloggers from Miami are famous all over the world, All the models are very talented and successful. 

Oxana Niki

Oxana Niki is Miami’s most beautiful lady, there is no doubt about that. Due to Oxana’s beauty and bold photos, her name is number one on this list. You will be able to see the beauty of Oxana in her photos. Oxana’s Instagram profile has about 130k+ followers. Oksana has beautiful eyes, hair, and a natural figure.

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Roxana Ventura

The popularity of 21-year-old Roxana Ventura is quite high in Miami. Roxana has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram. The reason for Roxana’s popularity is her bold photoshoot and her figure. 

Laura Van Salazar

Laura Van Salazar has 1.8M followers on Instagram. Laura is very famous in Miami. Laura is very famous for her fitness videos and bold photoshoots. Laura has gained a lot of Instagram followers in a concise time.

Camila Bernal

Camila Bernal is a popular 25-year-old blogger with more than 1.7M followers on her Instagram profile. 

Christie Ferrari

Christie Ferrari is a popular blogger and Clinical Psychologist from Miami. Christie’s Instagram profile has almost 500K followers.

Alison Kay Bowles

Alison Kay Bowles is a popular model and YouTuber from Miami. Alison’s Instagram profile has 320K followers and her YouTube channel has 6.29K subscribers. Alison travels mostly, so if you follow her, you’ll be able to see photos of different places through her profile.

Lena Asher

Lena Asher’s Instagram profile has 396K followers, the reason for Lena’s popularity is her figure. Actually, Lena is an American musical artist from Miami, Florida.

Sicilian Billions

Sicilian Billions is quite popular in the city of Miami, Sicilian has about 253K followers on Instagram profile. The figure of Sicilian is the most unique of all the models, due to the unique figure, people also like her very much. You can guess how beautiful the figure of Sicilian is by looking at the photo given below.

Daniella Duque

Daniella Duque’s Instagram profile has about 70k followers. You will find mostly fashion and travel-related posts in his profile. Daniella loves to travel, so she always goes to explore new places.

Brittany Gibson

People like Brittany Gibson a lot because of her bold photos. Brittany’s Instagram profile has about 45K followers,

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